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Welcome – it’s Monday… AGAIN! I am not a Mondey’s lover so I decided that today I have to prepare something special for all of you to start this new week with a lots of positive vibrations! I’ve already mentioned about new Studio Calico offer for new subbers, so you know about the rulez, etc… Just a quick reminder:


We’ve organized a blog hop amoung SC Creative Team members 🙂 We decided to share with you the DIRECT links to the all three kits (separately) with gift card already added! And here we go to the ‚Office Hours’ wonderland:


SCRAPBOOK                     CARD                    PROJECT LIFE

+                                                +                                                 +

GIFT CARD                              GIFT CARD                              GIFT CARD

… and there is something more… CT members prepared a special, subjective ‚must haves’ boards just because of this blog hop. Here are my propositions – these are my ‚must haves’ 🙂

my Must Haves

1. Lemon Rush Rub-On Transfers – as you probably know, I looove flowers and other floral embellishments. This sent of transfer is just delicious! I adore those tiny twigs and springs, lovely magenta rose… oh… just beautiful! Other sheets with wood and number elements are also fantastic. Yep – this is my number one this month for sure.

2. STARS – craft dies and stamp set – hello?! This is what I need most! I adore star shape, I love stitching and stamps – you know that this is something special. Three things in one set – not only for monthers of hansome sons! 🙂

3. Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set – my one and only true love (ahahhahah – I think I mentioned about that like… 100 times?!). Watercolours – these are just stunning. The colours are so vibrant and they are not going to fake after they are dry! This is something totally new amoung watercolour media! I love all the shades and my favouroite is this amazing bright yellow. Oh – and they are finally in stock!!!!!!!!!

4. Letterpress Bundle – this is something very imporant. I love to mix this technique with watercolour media. I love the colours of letterpress ink, I love the idea to incorporate letterpress elements into the layouts and you already know how remarkable letterpress are for Project Life lovers! you can create your own journal card – any kind, any colour. This is something what every creative person should have to enrich the toolbox. I can’t live without letterpress anymore.

5. Woodgrain letterpress plate – talking about letterpress – I love that I can repeat my favourite motives in every colour in ombre effects and etc. with this embossed effect. I finally receive the Woodgrain plate with these lovable harts and I am going to use it! I think this is a great idea for a mini book cover and I’m sure that today I will be playing with it for hours 🙂

+     +     +

I hope you enjoyed my list and if not, if you are looking something different, more in your own style maybe you will find it somewhere on my dear Studio Calico friends blogs. From this site you can move directly to the master of structure Nicole Samuels or my european beloved friend Lory 🙂 These are all blog-hop blogs which you can visit:

Lisa Truesdell  Natalie Elphinstone Marcy Penner Kelly Noel Suzy Plantamura Melanie Louette Nicole Reaves Lilin Fang Maggie Massey Jenn Picard Geralyn Sy Stephanie Baxter Anna-Maria Wolniak [you are here – welcome] Nicole Samuels Dana Fleckenstein Céline Navarro Stephanie Washburn Leena Loh Loredana Bucaria

be 1

Let us invite you to the ‚Office Hours’ world where flowers are blooming and the sky is so heavenly blue 🙂 We will be waiting there for you today!


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