Mixed Media Class :: finally!


Hi!!! I think that it’s a good news for all of you who can’t meet me in person during classes – Studio Calico give you such opportunity! During MIXED MEDIA CLASS  Celine Navarro and I will share our mixed-media knowledge, tips, tricks and – our hearts 🙂 We will show you how to add a personal touch to the layout backgrounds using lots of various techniques and new media!

MixedMedia Class SC

Bring out your inner artist this spring with us! Spend five weeks exploring twenty new and inventive ways to add colour and texture to any paper project! We grab a remarkable group of contributors here! I am thrilled to be joining:

Dana Fleckenstein,  Jen Kinkade,  Jill Sprott, Kim Stewart,  Lisa Spangler,  Loredana Bucaria,  Mel Blackburn,  Natalie Elphinstone,  Shanna Noel,  Pam Garrison and Wendy Morris!!!

Cost of the class : $19 only! And rewards subscribers get 25% off, subscribers get 10% off!

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What you can expect  –  I will present you five step by step tutorials where I will be showing you such techniques like: mixing various watercolour media (like Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set, Peerless Watercolour Papers, Mister Huey’s Mists, Faber-Castell gelatos, Neocolors woodless crayons – yep, this is something new and something what you will LOVE!), then I will be mixing these watercolour media with techniques like: letterpress, modeling paste, embossing and gesso factures. I will introduce you to the beautiful, dreamy world of watercolour colouds 🙂 Be prepared for some fabulous, artsy and creative five spring weeks! The class will start at the first day of April (and it’s not a joke :).

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Take 10% off class supplies when enrolling in Mixed Media!


To take advantage of this offer, put the Mixed Media class in your cart, and then shop for your class supplies >>>HERE<<<. Enter the code MIXED10 at checkout to receive 10% off class supplies.

Not valid on previous purchases. The Mixed Media class must be in your cart along with class supplies in order for promo code to apply correctly. Must enter code at checkout. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes. Offer expires at 3/19/2014 at noon EST.

mixed-media watercolours

These are my favourites watercolour media I used in my step by step tutorials for MIXED MEDIA CLASS. If you want to buy them NOW (during 24h from this moment), you will get 10% off the price!

1. Mister Huey’s Watercolour Set (they are back in stock now!)

2. Faber-Castell Gel Medium – Semi-gloss translucent Gel Medium is ideal for extending color, adding sheen, adhering collage pieces and creating great texture and dimension as it holds it form while drying.

3. Faber-Castell Gelatos (they are sell in whole sets – and I think it’s best idea to buy whole range of colours becasue you will love them!)

4. Peerless Watercolour Papers (whole range of fantastic vibrant shades specially for those of you who don;t have a lot of space )

5. Neocolor II :: woodless crayons (sold separately). I copy you the official information about them: The quality of Neocolor II Aquarelle Artists’ Crayons is universally acknowledged. Their excellent lightfastness, high pigment concentration, and adaptability to a variety of techniques have put them in a class of their own. Neocolor II Crayons are softer than colored pencils, denser than children’s wax crayons, and extremely responsive to a wet brush. Wet and dry techniques can be combined in the same drawing. Because of their strong pigmentation, light colors cover dark colors and vice-versa. Neocolors are soft enough to smudge with your fingertips, yet much firmer than oil pastels. Scrape off one or more layers of color to create an engraved sgraffito effect. Best of all, they’re watersoluble.
In a few, simple words – these are my favourites. My one and only. Adn I have a whole range of colours which you can find in SC shop 🙂

You find more NEW items in the shop like big and small brayers, modeling paste and more!!! I chose only few favourites but maybe you will need different things. Just check out the latest uploads >>>HERE<<<.

Want to see more sneaks? Follow me on Instagram. I’ll try to get a few more up here before the end of the month too. Let me know if you have any questions and I really hope to see you in April!

2 Komentarze to “Mixed Media Class :: finally!”

  1. I am sooooo excited about this class and I signed up right away! I love how you use water colours and have no idea how to use them, so I just can’t wait 🙂


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