Ahoj workshopy :: Anna-Maria in Prague :: previews

Ahoj drahý! ahahaha! 🙂 I’t only two weeks till our meeting in Prague! (yeah!) If you haven’t booked your place there yet you still have such opportunity becasue there are some available places!!! >>> HERE <<<.

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I am here today to share with you some sneaks and directions for both classes. First – mini album class.


During 3,5h classes we will create a mini book (15x15cm). The main colours in this project are GREEN and BLUE with wooden elements. I will show you how to work with watercolours, inks, mists, gelatos and woodless crayons (f.e. Neocolors II) on gesso and without it 🙂 You will be able to create few LETTERPRESS prints with letterpress inks and Studio Calico plates!!! I will introduce you to this technique and show you how it all works. We will be working with lots of amazing products prepared for you by Studio Calico, October Afternoon and Studio Tekturek!!!

sneak by Anna-Maria Wolniak

What you will need during classes. Two small smooth brushes, one small hard brush, scissors, glue, double-sided adhesive tape, gesso, a pencil, black thin marker, a ruler. Please take any watercolours media you have at home like: custom watercolours, watercolour woodless crayons (KOH-I-NOR or Neocolors II or Faber-Castell gelatos), liquid inks (like Ecolines), mists (Mister Huey’s, Heidi Swapp, October Afternoon SPrinklers…) anything you have will be great! Remember that we are working mostly in two shades: BLUE/NAVY/TURQUOISE and GREEN/VERMILLON/LIME and these colours are most welcome for this class. You can also bring some ink pads in these shades or your favourite stamps maybe – it depends on you. If you have any dimention foams (3D foams) they will work great with this project as well.

If you want to SIGN IN please click >>>HERE<<<

Now – the second class – SUBTLE LAYOUT. This project will be definitely more feminine. We will be working in PINK/ORANGE/YELLOW palette with floral embellishments and patterns.


During classes we will be practice watercolour technique with watercolours, inks or other media you will bring for the workshops. Next we will combine a simple, feminine layout with layering elements and watercolour actions on the gesso surface. We will be painting, splashing and doodling! I will show you how to works with these media to get the precious watercolour cloud look and blending effect. In the kit you will get fabulous papers made by STUDIO TEKTUREK , October Afternoon alphabet and embellishments cut by SCRAPINIEC. Some of these die-cuts will be in your own Czech language!!! I hope you will like them 🙂


What you have to bring for the classes:  TWO black&white PHOTOS (we will have a choice during classes which one is the best for the project) – I used a square photo for my layout but you can choose vertical pr horizontal ones as well. The composition are flexible so we will find the best solution for your photo for sure. Remember that your pictures shouldn’t be very dark, I prefare rather light photos for the projects.

Don’t forget about such ‘must haves’ like: scissors, glue, double sided adhesive tape, little jar for water… Please bring any watercolour media you have at home, it could be: custom watercolours, liquid inks, gelatos, woodless crayons, ecolines, Studio Calico Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon Sprinklers – anything you have at home. You will need minimum two little smooth brushes, one little hard brush, paper towel, a pencil, a black marker. And very imporatn thing – adhesive foams (to add pop to your project). I hope that I haven’t forgot about anything. If you have any questions please ask me in the comments below this post.

If you are interested in BOTH CLASSES please book your places >>> HERE <<<

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Now – something very important. I have something special for you. ALL of the girls/boys which will take my classes will receive a FREE GIFT from Studio Calico!!! This special offer is prepared especially for my dearest students 🙂 I hope it will be something what will help you to make a decision. I can’t wait to visit Prague and meet you all there!!!

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But… if you can’t be there with me in Prague or at any other European country and you want to get to know HOW I work with various watercolour media, gesso and other things, you can always SIGN IN for MIXED MEDIA class at Studio Calico!!! They will start soon – at the 1st of April so have time to enroll 🙂


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