Bluegrass Farm :: reveal!!!


OMG! I can’t believe that it’s almost April just around the corner! Adn for me, that means, that it’s only one month left till my favourite time during the whole year – yep, I’m waiting for May! 🙂 OK – I know, this is not important today because now, everybody wait for the ‚Bluegrass Farm’ reveal!

That’s why I am here now today. At the begining I have to say, that March is always my ‚less creative’ month, just because that in Poland we have there first sunny days and than I definitely mostly think about the mess in my garden and want to go there to clean everything and prepare it until spring will come and not to stay at home and scrapping. Well – even in such situation, when I received April kits I felt so inspired! I made four layouts but today I would like to show you three of them.

Starting from the add-on project where I mixed Bessie, Clover and first EMBELLISHMENTs only Studio Calico add-on kit: Pip kits.

Bluegrass farm addons

BESSIE                                                CLOVER                                                         PIP

I was embroidered this tiny fox  for ‚ages’! So than I decided to create a layout especially for this embellishment 🙂 I used one of the older photos – me and Jan were resting amoung the birches… he was only two years old than – so cute! 🙂


Now two [Main Kit Only] projects – the first one is a mix of ALL colours you can find inBluegrass Farm‚ main kit and almost ALL kinds of embellishments with a pop of this month’s printables!


I tried to go out of my ‚safety area’ and used all of these random colours – an experiment which created ‚different’ me…yep…

B-day collage

And now the last project for today – a drawing/painting improvisation. I used brown watercolours, inks and Mister Huey’s mist to draw these flowers and after I started to paint using the same media plus Neocolor brown crayon. I also utilized one of the main kit ‚pizza’ stamps (with little dots) and using Doc Brown Color Theory ink pad I add some dots here & there to add a dimention to there flowers. Well – it’s brown – it’s not my colour at all so it’s always a huge challenge for me to use this colour.

Just Begin

Like every other month, also for April Studio Calico prepared some exclusive dies – I love them soooooo much and since I have an opporunity to collect the exclusive shapes it starts to be my addiction. These are ‚Bluegrass Farm’ special dies:

April dies

  BUTTERCUP [stamp set and dies]              TRIANGLES                DIAMOND          HEARTS     FRUIT PUNCH

+     +     +

And my favourite special offer  prepared especially for the upcoming Easter holidays – PL cards and cute ‚easter bunny ears’ stamp 🙂 and of course – this month’s ‚NELLY’ stamp set.

easter exclusives

                     EASTER SET                                                                       NELLY stamp set

Please stay tuned and check out my blog tomorrow because I am going to publish my fourth project made with ‚Bluegrass Farm’ add-ons with step by step tutorial! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy it after reaveal rush. Keep me fingers crossed for you to get what you want. Love ya!


One Comment to “Bluegrass Farm :: reveal!!!”

  1. uwieeelbiam wszystkie Losy każdy inny zachwycają mnie ogromnie ide sobie jeszcze popatrzeć ))


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