Say ‚hello’ to April :: mini album

Today I want to share with you my latest mini album which was prepared for my mixed-media classes in Barcelona (Conesa). Tomorrow I will be teaching the same project in Prague – I can’t wait to meet with my Czech friends! It will be my first workshop in this beautiful country and everything is organized my Anna Norman from Paper Amo 🙂

Anna-Maria mini book

I think that it’s a good time to show you this mini book. I created it using fabulous materials from my great sponsores: Studio Tekturek, October Afternoon and my beloved – Studio Calico. I used this amazing, BRAND NEW line designed by Studio Tekturek for this project and my girls are FIRST in the whole world who get these papers! How cool is that?!

One Way Ticket

In this project I mixed various kinds of letterpress techniques and different watercolour media like mists, sprinklers, custom watercolour, Neocolor Crayons (woodless watercolour crayons) and colour inks. This mini is made in typical workshop ‚style’ – but I hope that you will like it anyway 🙂 These are the pages:









I was so happy during classes in Barcelona when my fabulous students were creating their albums! It’s one of the best things in this job – watching like ‚my girls’ are growing! 🙂 Love it. Anyway – this is not the end of this post.

+     +     +

I prepared a small giveaway for my new Pinterest and Instagram followers and for all of my hitherto followers as well. I have TWO ‚TODAY’ letterpress plates designed by Studio Calico!!! YAY!

TODAY giveaway


All you have to do is to start follow me on Pinterest and on Istagram – I will choose one of you from the group of the people who will start follow me during the weekend. You have time till the end of Monday, ok? 🙂 Than I will be back from Prague and I will choose one of you. If you would be so kind and publish the giveaway banner at your Instagram (with @annamariawolniak ) I would be grateful – but it’s not necessary.


I would like to ask you to publish the giveaway banner (above) and tag me at this post (@annamariawolniak). Thank you so much for your instant support and your lovely comments! The second ‚TODAY’ letterpress plate will go to one of you 🙂 The deadline is the same – till the edn of Monday (7/04/14).

+     +     +

I hope you will enjoy this giveaway as much as I will! I wish you an amazing weekend. Please keep your fingers crossed for my safety travel to Prague and for the successe during classes! I know that it will be fun and full of creativity!

Mixed Media class yellow!

Oh – by the way… We already start with Celine our Mixed Media classes at Studio Calico, but you still can sign up! You have almost a whole month (to the end of April) to enroll. I think it’s a good idea if you can’t meet with us in person during classes in various cities of Europe… so, think about it, we are waiting for you there!!!


7 Komentarzy to “Say ‚hello’ to April :: mini album”

  1. Ti seguo già…sul tuo blog, su Pinterest, su Facebook, su SC e su Instagram: amo i tuoi lavori e il tuo stile! Incrocio le dita per questa occasione…

  2. Fabulous mini album I just love all of your creations!

  3. This is a beautiful MINI; and thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  4. Great job! I love these colors 🙂

  5. Sooo nice!!! Love the colors, structure, pics…Congrat once again, artist!
    muxu bat!

  6. I was fortunate to participate in the workshop of our artist in Barcelona. This is another great album where the photos are perfectly integrated with these lovely papers and watercolor art. And best of all, you always share your art with a big smile. Kisses!

  7. I LOVE this mini album ST!


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