‚Hello, hello’ sneak peek!!!

I just can’t believe that it’s time for sneak peeks again! I was off for a loooong time, but I promise you that during the upcoming month I will be here more often with new tips and some tricks.

Before I present you my own close-ups I would like to share my subjective mood board with you! For me June is a begining of vacation. This month we are usually travelling, seaside is our destination in June. Most of you probably never been at the Baltic Sea – it’s cold, right, but we have most beautiful sunsets around the whole world, promise! I collected a dreamy summer board for you this month and I hope you will feel inspired!

June mood board

[all these photos are coming from my Pinterest boards]

As you can see above ‚Hello, hello’ Studio Calico kits will be colourful! You will find lots of exclusive items – many BRAND NEW supplies among them – yep, it will be so fun! You will be diving between embellishments and pattern papers all month long! I know you can’t wait till reveal 🙂

+     +     +

our anniversary 1

This is my little close-up on the Main Kit Only project. If you are interested in my other sneak peeks please visit my Instagram where I will be posting my favourite peeks during next two weeks.

+     +     +

There is also an exclusive offer for the Studio Calico subbers! For June Studio Calico has designed an exclusive SUN KISSED mini kit guaranteed to bring the sunshine out in your day. Tag things you like or don’t like with the unique shaped paper clips, an awesome set of gold heart puffy stickers and a stamp set fitting for mother nature herself.


Not a subscriber? Join us for exclusive discounts and promotions!



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