Letterpress & watercolour mini book classes :: latest spring in Paris and BCN

I was waiting for so long to publish this album – so sorry for that, I just forgot about it! I created this mini at the end of January, just before my classes in Paris (Maisons-Alfort – j’adore!!!). The main point for my students were letterpress technique and watercolour tips & tricks. Unfortunatelly these letterpress goodies are not visible on these pictures; some of the prints were ‚blind’ and really light – but they are there, belive me! 🙂

Anna-Maria Wolniak classes

This mini book was almost a twin sister of my previous album which you can find here >>> PURE JOY. Below I collected few pages from this project:

mini album by Anna-Maria

I would like to thank you once again my dearest sponsores: Ewa from Studio Tekturek for fabulous papers, Studio Calico for lovely embellishments and all letterpress supplies and Dominika from Scrapiniec for awesome die-cuts in many, various languages she created for my students.

+     +     +

If you are new to LETTERPRESS and you would like to know the technique and all the supplies better, get to know ‚how to’, enroll in the Letterpress Bundle and you’ll receive access to Letterpress 2.0 (I will write about this class below) AND our introductory Letterpress class with Tina Aszmus from September 2013. The introductory class includes 8 full tutorials, 6 videos and 30 great projects to get you started & is available only through the bundle purchase.


If you are already introduce to the letterpress you would be interested in new LETTERPRESS 2.0 classes prepared by Geralyn Sy! This workshop will give you an in depth look at how Geralyn incorporates Letterpress into her creative process, and show you five fun techniques for printing with Studio Calico letterpress plates for your layouts, cards and pocket pages. Letterpress 2.0 is enrolling now through May 31st at 11:59pm EST, and the all of the class content will be live on June 1st.


One Comment to “Letterpress & watercolour mini book classes :: latest spring in Paris and BCN”

  1. It’s so beautiful!!!!! loooooove!!!


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