My love for mini albums…

I will start from the citation which I found at Shanna’s Noel’s blog. These words are everything what I would like to tell you today about my love for mini books: „Let’s face the facts. There is just something special about mini books, they are a little treasure that only we know the true value of. They are are pleasure to make and just make you feel good when you complete one and can hold it in your hand as your flip thorugh the memories. „ This is also my words, this is what I am thinking about when I write about this ‚mini feeling’.

I want to remind you (and remind to myself) some of my favurites mini book I made during last years. I hope you will find some inspiration here to create your own album.


Starting from my totally favourite – ‚HEY GIRL’ mini 🙂 Not only the main theme is spectacular, but I am still in love in this colour combo – neutral grey background and vibrant cyan/lime green elements are at the top of my list.


This mini was made two years ago (I published it at 1/06/2o12), it’s title is ‚Louvre‚. This is a short story about my best friend and her first daughter (almost my daughter as well 🙂 They were lived in Paris than and we spent fabulous time together walking around the city with little Basia who was only 4 months than!


And at least mini book based on the old pages from the book – ‚Hugs & Kisses‚ – with a photo series of me and my beloved Jan, made also in June 2o12.

+     +     +

All of my mini books you can find at this lap >>> HERE <<<.

+     +     +

If you are new to the mini books or you would like to enrich your skills or find an inspiration to create something different than so far, I recommend you new Studio Calico MINI BOOK class with Maggie Holmes (I mentioned about them few post before).


Classes has already begun, but you still have an opportunity to sign up! Maggie’s workshop is enrolling through 5/31/2014 at 11:59pm EST and class content will be available on 5/1/2014. So don’t wait to long, only few days left to the end of time. FOr more informations click HERE.

2 Komentarze to “My love for mini albums…”

  1. I really love mini albums. The words of Shanna exactly describe what mini books are.
    Thank you for reminding me to make some more pretty books.

  2. I like to make mini books, I agree with your words; it is a great pleasure to do so.
    And your minis are beautiful! I love wholes! Muxu ;*


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