‚Penny Arcade’ sneak peek time!

I just came back from my short vacation and opened Studio Calico box filled with July kits! It tooks me one day to create all my ‚Penny Arcade‚ pages and it was sooooooo fun! When I saw all these goodies I couldn’t resist – I had to start. I printed my new photos from the the seaside (right – vacation were short, but I made few hundred photos there ahahha) and combine some projects. Today I want to share some of my sneaks with you.

July mood board

[all these photos ar coming from my Pinterest boards]

For a good begining – my traditional subjective mood board. Once again the main topics are: summer, vacation, outdoors, sweet colours and fresh fruits. I include some of Ashley Goldberg’s patterns in this inspirational board because in this month’s kits you will find pretty much of her designs!


This is my [main kit only] sneak made with Ashley’s designs – this is one of my favourites papers in July! If you want to know Ashley better, you can find her in many places these days. From Urban Outfitters to her shop on Etsy. Check out these places to wait even more impantiently for the kits than usually!


Penny Arcade‚ kits and add-ons are full of great embellishments. Really – this month is fullfill with fabulous stickers and exclusives. I have to mention about amazing stamps as well – btw, the world map stamp designed by Amy Tangerine is divine and so inspiring!

+     +     +

Month by month during sneak night, Studio Calico prepare an exclusive, special offer for their subbscribers (I am a Project Life subscriber and I am always in love with these promotions). In July all the subbers have an opportunity to preorder this fabulous set of mini mists!


Achieve your favorite Sunkissed self when you visit Mr. Huey’s Oceanfront. The local Banana Stand carries Guacamole and Guava that are simply to die for, we promise you won’t be disappointed here!

This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last. This item qualifies for free shipping on its own. The cost of the mini kit will not count towards the free shipping threshold with the other items in your cart.

I already used these mists to paint and draw some fancy things on my July’s projects! I use them as a custom liquid watercolours and like vibrant inks – I love to use various nibs to draw. I encourage you to order these fabulous colours to fullfill your artistic drawer!

+     +     +


Coming back to the traditional, vacation palette in marine mood – probably one of my favourites. ‚Penny Arcade’ also include some of such items! Oh my! How I love the July kits!!! I could write about them during all day! Yep, I know – it’s not the point to write about it, it’s better to make more pages ahahha, promise! I will make more than four this month! You have my word.

+     +     +

Usually I prepare a set of my favourite things just before the reveal, but now I want to be sure that all of these supplies are available in Studio Calico shop. I find them so great for this month. I’m sure they will be a great addition to your July’s kits 🙂

July's favourites

I chose some things which I find inspiring and handy for vacation time. I was thinking about ‚Penny Arcade’ kits and travel journals – I love making mini books with my summer photos!

1. I think that these two craft dies: ‚hello‚ and ‚hooray‚ will be great for summer projects. You can cut some samples at home and take them for your travel. Great addition to the projects.

2. Fruits – of course! Summer without yummy fruits doesn’t count! South of Market Printed Chipboards are fabulous!

3. Marine trend – classy. Among Color Theory line we find lots of navy/red/white supplies. I chose marine set of Color Theory Ink Pads and set of Mini Alphas.

4. Quick Stick – this handy tool is ‚must have’ for travel! Need a tool that allows for easy handling of hard to pick up, small pieces? With the this tool use one end to poke out or place items and use the other to effortlessly pick pieces up.

5. Alpha Stamp Set – this is the latest Studio Calico BOMB! I love these letters, I love the idea of various sizes and classy fonts. Great for summer and any other season of the year (I already see my 2o14 December Daily with them!).

6. And last SC shop items from studio selections – Open Road 12×12 Chipboard shapes! Pay tribute to your favorite road trip, vacation or weekend getaway with this Open Road chipboard set! You will be inspired to explore the 66 for another weekend trip after working with this one!  – this is an official description of this product, but I totally agree with it 🙂 My summer album will be fill with these tiny, gorgeous goodies.

+     +     +

So – these are my this month’s faves and some sneaks. I will be posting other sneaks on my Instagram and at Studio Calico. See you there guys!


3 Komentarze to “‚Penny Arcade’ sneak peek time!”

  1. Your sneaks are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait until reveal! 🙂

  2. fantastic!


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