Baltic summer :: mini album.

I have no idea what’s happened with me this month, but I am full of creative energy! I think it’s becasue of that I finally have vacation. In June we spent few days at the seaside and now we are visiting the biggest Polish mountains – so many beautiful views! One more thing – this month’s Penny Arcade’ Studio Calico kits are just stunning. Full of embellishments, exclusive designs and amazing colours.

summer mini by AM4

Few days ago I showed you my juicy [Main Kit Only] layout and I added few painted freebies >>> HERE >>> in this post. I am still waiting for your amazing creations: layouts, PL spreads, mini books and cards! Promise – I will choose some and I publish them on my blog.

OK – during my work with that layout and journaling cards I made this mini. I used manyPenny Arcade‚ embellishments and stamps from the main scrapbook kit and add-ons, July printables designed by Marcy and some older elements from SC kits too (like AT tag…). You can also find some precious papers and elements cuted from ‚One Way Ticket‚ collection designed by ‚Studio Tekturek‚.

summer mini by AM00

Anyway – I have to admit, that the cover is my favourite part – and I never like any covers! I hate to do them! This time it was different. BTW – the cover is made with recycled Studio Calico package 🙂

summer mini by AM 01

summer mini by AM 02

summer mini by AM 03

summer mini by AM 04

summer mini by AM 05

summer mini by AM 06

summer mini by AM 07

summer mini by AM 08

summer mini by AM 09

I hope you enjoy this mini and just want to remid you – if you are a juicy fruits nut as I am – you can dowload my free printable journal cards for your personal projects >>> HERE. Have fun and share your passion!



8 Komentarzy to “Baltic summer :: mini album.”

  1. Such a beautiful album! I always love your creations! 🙂

  2. Love this álbum Anna, It´s great. Big kisses

  3. Beautiful, poetic, wonderful photos. Love it.

  4. Ok…. so this is just about the best mini-album I’ve seen. Every page is perfection! Pinning it. Pinning pinning pinning!!

  5. I ♥ it +++++++ !!!!
    thanks for the download, I’ll use them in my summer album…
    Kiss from the North (of France)

  6. great ! love the colours and the way you „melted” pictures in pages

  7. This is absolutely amazing! I would love to see a SC video on how you did the digi & cover!

  8. I love this album so mutch!!! your watercolors work is amazing!! Kiss!! ;**


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