‚Sandlot’ sneak peeks!

Finally, I know… You were waiting for so long this month. But ot’s vacation time… I can;t believe that you are sitting at home and waiting for the sneaks, right? I am so curious what are your desitnations this year! I’m travelling a lot this summer. As you already know I was visiting the seaside and last week I came back from the mountains. In a few days I am going at the Baltic Sea once again! Lucky me 🙂 But before my next travel I want to share few ‚Sandlot’ sneaks with you, hope you will like them.

First of all – my traditional, subjective mood board – I think that I overexposed this orange shade this time, but… in general… it looks quite good in my opinion… and it inspires me – a bit 🙂

August mood board

[all of these pictures are coming from my Pinterest boards]

+     +     +

And now – my sneaks. If you already saw the official sneak page at Studio Calico – this might be an interesting complement to your knowledge about August kits. Starting from the main kit only close-up:


and other details and ‚during creative process’ peeks:


This time I preapred also something special – a mini album made with AMAZING and MY FAV. add-on this month – ‚JET’ collected by my beloved Marcy Penner 😀

mountains - mini album open

It’s only three days till reveal night. We will see then at the LIVE CHAT! and after – here, on my blog, with full reveal. Have a nice days everybody!

+     +     +


OMG! Last minute amazing news!!! Look what just arrrive to the SC shop!!! The whole bundle of Color Theory Acrylic paint tubes!!! How COOL is this?!!!



2 Komentarze to “‚Sandlot’ sneak peeks!”

  1. I can’t wait the reveal !! Your sneaks are amazing … Really in love with these beautiful colors ! 🙂


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