Anna-Maria en España!!!

I am extremely excited that once again I will be able to spend time with YOU my Spanish chicas! This time I prepared some new techniques, new media and new tools for the classes!!!

Bambola Noviembre kopia kopia

En esta ocasión la tendremos en la tienda de Tres Cantos en Madrid (Comercio, 13 28760 Tres Cantos Madrid) , será  el 22 de Noviembre y tendremos talleres distintos por la mañana y por la tarde. Así que si quieres pasar todo el día empapándote de las novedades y tendencias en scrapbooking, estos son tus talleres!!!

These classes will take place in brand new Bambola shop in Tres Cantos (believe me, after renovation this space look amazing!!!) at November 22nd (Saturday). We will start at 10.00 with TWO layouts classes. During this workshop I will introduce to to the new media and techniques related to ACRYLIC paints. I will focus at the easiest ones – for a good start – like ‚impasto’, ‚sgraffito’ and dry brushing. You will be also improving your watercolour skills. I will repeat the ‚watercolour cloud’ technique to those who didn’t attend my class earlier and help to be a master in this topic to those who already know how it all works.

During the second class in the afternoon we will combine a mini album. As well as during morning classes we will try to incorporate some Christmas mood using fun and fancy embellishments. It will be a tiny, A6 mini book with December elements in the oryginal, sophisticated palette which you didn’t try before for sure. I will prepare nice paper, awesome journaling cards, nice die-cuts and some interesting letterpress plates. I will also show you how to use various nibs and colour inks to create some extraordinary inscriptions in your mini albums.

At the end October I will share some more informations and sneak peeks. This time the sponsores of the classes will be my beloved Studio Calico and brand new european American Crafts Inc. distributor from Poland – ArtWorkshop! If you have any question please ask.

To sign up for the classes please write here: to Bambola shop or call:  91 786 41 78

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Hi girls! This is a first layout sneak peek! As I wrote you earlier I’m preparing two layouts for a first class – one with some new acrylic techniques and the second to move your watercolour skills to the next level or to introduce  this technique to those who don’t know it all. In this christamsy layout we will be working with gesso base and various watercolour media: mists, sprinklers, ecolines and watercolours plus – things you will bring in your stash!



We will be painting, scrabbing, blending colours, make splashes and watercolour clouds! Important thing is – that you will need good, sharp and small scissors for this class!” I hope that this first sneak make your decision. Soon I will come back with next close ups and directions about new techniques.

Another important information for you is that some new, amazing companies joined to this class!!! I can officially announce that not only Studio Calico and ArtWorkshop AC Inc. distributor will bring you class supplies… In you class kits you will be able to find remarkable and your favourite October Afternoon ‚Silent Night’ goodies!!! The last company which will join us I will leave for the next announcement, but I can only say, that you will be excited!



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