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One of my favourite scrapper and beloved friend from the scrapbook industry  – Lizzy Kartchner – tagged me in a  Q&A blog tour. She sent me few questions which I will try to answer in today’s post. Thank you Elizabeth for push me in it! 🙂
BTW – earlier I was tagged also by Lory but I didn’t have enough time to play between my trips, but thank you too my friend for that nomination :*


   1. What am I working on right now?

Well – like usually, I am working on a few things at the moment. I don’t like to focus all my mind into only one project. So right now I am painting a really huge paiting to my living room. I am working on it at my friend’s workshop (he is a painter and we know eachother for a long time, since our studies), becasue I don;t have enough place at my flat. The second big things is – that I am writting a new article for French entreARTistes magazine about some new media and simplet techniques plus, I’m illustrating it with three various scrapbook projects.

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

Usually a layout takes me 2 or 3 hours. It depends if I am using lots of different media or if it’s a clean &  simple one (yep, I almost can see this smile on your faces ‚she doesn’t creat c&s pages!’). So yes – it takes me a while to grab all the things, print the photos and start the creative process.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

Of course paper + various paints. You know how much I am in love with watercolour media like: ecolines, neocolors, gelatos, mists, sprinklers, refillers, etc… now I am also interested in acrylics so I am looking for new ideas according to this new medium in my scrapbooking drawer.

4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

This is interesting and I have no idea if I can easily answer on this question. It would be easier to write when I am not inspired at all (you know, there are some days during every month that you prefer to lay on a coutch and you don;t want to be inspired by anything) 🙂 I am constantly inspired by everything what is around me. B y the weather and the season of the year, by the light, by my son, by my friends… I am often inspired by fashion, design, TV commercials. Of course I adore Pinterest – when I am lost I love to dive into various mood boards and look for… anything, because anything or everything can be an inspiration.
I can count on my monthly inspiration from Studio Calico, always. When I receive my monthly box full of scrapbook goodies I always feel inspired by the exclusive products, new colours. Sometimes it’s a challenge for me when the packages are full of various patterns and shades which are not my favorites, but I appreciate that and usually it forces me to stay focus and I make pretty nice projects than.

5. What is my signature style?

Yyyyyy… not ‚messy’, not very ‚artsy’… I think it’s a perfect mix of harmony in forms and colours with a pop of artistic touch on them. Watercolours and subtle palettes are my recognition elements, or maybe I’m wrong?! I don’t know, I can’t define myself in any words.


6I am tagging my favourite cardmakers and great artist – Danielle Flanders and my dear friend Mona Głód – Polish scrapbooker and PL-maker. See you next Monday on their blogs!



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