…forgot about the dream


I forgot to publish my last project made with ‚The Underground’ kits. How it’s possible?! You already saw a piece of it when I published sneak peeks… something about the main idea of this A4 layout. The photo was my inspiration. I made it during our family trip to Prague at the begining of April. We were sleeping in a beautiful apartament at the old tenement house just under the Hradcany Castle. The morning light was falling directly at my little boy…

dreamy wonderland

I wanted to get an effect of a foggy dream. I took the photo just before he woke up, so the atmosphere of the layout should be hazy, somewhere between reality and dream – it was my intention. That’s why I combined multiple, pale layers, mixed them with custom velllum and exclusive flower patternred vellum from the main scrapbook kit. I also re-used the glasine bag as a one of the layers under the photo.

dreamy 3

The ‚xoxo’ sticker is also made with vellum and I stamped this fabulous round ‚goodnight kisses’ stamp on a piece of vellum. I am quite satisfied with the final effect of my work. It was so nice palying with all these layers and finally get the effect of homogeneous composition with only few pops of black shade here & there.

+     +     +

Please don;t forget to sign up for these new Studio Calico classes. I feel it in my veins that it will be something extraordinary! Besides SC shop is still full of brand new goodies – both – for art journaling designed by Ashley G and christmasy stamps, die-cuts and letterpressplates prepared for ‚Send Joy’ classes!

logo_square_300kdjfg     logo_square_300

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I do even if you are not emotionally involved with my baby 🙂 I wish you all a beautiful day full of warm, autumn sun.



One Comment to “…forgot about the dream”

  1. Wow – what a jam packed post! Lots of fun and inspiration (I just adore your work!) thanks, Annamaria! – iscrapmyworld


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