November sneak afternoon.

I can finally share some sneaks with you guys, I know that it’s late but you are curious anyway, aren’t you? November ‚Walden’ kits continue this outstanding autumn feeling which we could observe at Studio Calico during last months. Shades are little bit different, there are more pastel tones than in previous kits, some favourite leaves and my favourite – exclusive embellishments, plenty of exclusive embellishments!

November mood board

[all the photos and pictures are coming from my Pinterest boards]

My subjective view on these kits looks like this mood board (I definitely used too much orange, but I think it looks nice, even if you won’t find so many orange shades in ‚Walden’). For me November will be the month of art-journaling becasue of amazing Paint.Plan.Play classes leading by Ashley Goldberg with such remarkable contributor like Katie Licht. It will be the month of story telling as well! Shanna’s Gratitude|Documented class and the long-awaited Celine’s Mini Book ones will add a story-teller feeling to the next month’s projects. I tried to incorporate all of these things to my layoutsand here are the first sneaks made with ‚Walden’ scrapbook main kit:

remember it 1

your hugs 1

and this little sneak based on ‚Concord‚ scapbook add-on combined especially for Celine’s mini book classes with some characteristic elements from her own projects. Great mix of exclusives and brand new Crate Paper products – definitelly my fav. this month!

never stop exploring 1

Don’t forget about this month’s offers for subscribers and new Studio Calico fans! Everything you can find >>> HERE. Off to work. See ya!



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