‚Walden’ kits reveal.


In a few days we will welcome November – probably not ‚the best month ever’, but… we need something between warm autumn and christmassy winter to fill the pill of creative power. Bad news – not this time! The upcoming month will be full of inspiration, art-journal Paint.Plan.Play classes ideas and happy playing with ‚Walden‚ kits!

remember it remember it remember it

This is my first main kit only project made with ‚Walden‚ scrapbook kit. I stuck with b/w shades with some elements of expressing drawing. I am in love with this double A4 project format nowadays. Besides – this grey scale wood pattern paper is fabulous. I found the same trees on my latest photo, mixed it with vellum, blend it all together and… voila.

your hugs make everything better

Single A4 page without ANY paint, splashes, drawings… I am proud of myself 🙂 It’s still so hard for me to not to use any media on a project. All the elements you can find in the main kit plus some November printables and a real leaf.


Now it’s time for the projects mixed with this month’s add-ons: my favourite ‚Concord‚ combined by Celine Navarro especially for her upcoming ‚Mini Book’ classes, christmassy ‚Pine Hill‚ and embellishment add-on with fabulous exclusives inside – ‚Baker Bridge‚.


Are you already inspired by these supplies?! I can’t even imagine how amazing will be Celine’s mini album made with them! And below is my layout inspired by this cool exclusive wood veneer world globe.

never stop exploring

I used a piece of fabric, than gesso and stamping plus various watercolour techniques plus white embossing on the photo and at the end – stitching! It was so fun! I love such rich projects and there is so much fun during the creative process! I still have lots of goodies from the ‚Concord‚ addon and I’m sure I will prepare something more with them soon.

mentally somewhere else

And my last layout made with a mix of add-ons and scrapbook kit where I was focused on main ‚Baker Bridge‚ embellishments. I didn’t use the vellum leaves, but I will! They are so inspiring! Here I decided to stay in a simple, row composition with a cuted photo combined with some pieces of papers from the main ‚Walden’ kit. I was in love with this wooden, transparent alphabet – I think it’s cool and it suits perfectly to the fallish projects.


See these cute washi animals?! and the tags?! and… everything? I am sure that some new projects will appear in the gallery in November, if I will only have enough time to work. Yes, it will be busy month – I will be travelling to Spain once again teaching classes in Madrid, there are lots of family parties as well and mine and my best friend’s birthdays! I still didn’t prepare my ‚wish list’ and I have no idea if it’s possible to organize a b-day party this year… so as you can see I have many extra things to do this month. I hope you will get all the things you want during the reveal night, that you will find lots of good ideas and inspiration in a Studio Calico gallery and I can’t wait for your own projects made with ‚Walden’ goodies. Kisses!



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