Last sneaks :: classes in Tres Cantos

This is my last post with sneak peek of the projects prepared for my upcoming classes in Spain (November 22nd). I’ve already posted informations about first layout from the morning classes >>> HERE, and close-ups and instructions to the mini book class >>> HERE. Today I share sneaks and some important facts about the second layout preapred for morning classes.


Thanks to my fabulous sponsore – October Afternoon – you will be able to work with awesome supplies from the ‚Silent Night‚ line! I was so inspiring by these muted colours, the mix of warm pink and cyan with a pop of green – georgeous. I mixed various media and different techniques in this project. I will show you basic acrylic techniques like impasto and dry brush, next we will add some watercolours but this time we will be using October Afternoon ‚Sprinklers’ which are special mediums and they work like any other in this industry. Then we will add stamping, shadow stamps, doodling, there will be lots of layering and a teeny tiny construction work as well. I will also instroduce you to the silk screen and show you how to work with it using acrylic paint.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR THIS PART OF CLASS: first of all – calipers (calibrador, compás), a ruler, pencil, various brushes (smooth and tough, rather small and flat), an old credit card, give card, any card or palette knife (spatula), glue, double sided tape, dimentional foam, a cup of water or little jar. You can bring your own media – watercolours, gelatos, neocolors II, mists, sprinklers… If you have any ink pads which will suit to this colour palette from the picture – take them. I used one big photo – 10x13cm. You can bring one big photo or two small ones – I will help you compose them together and suit them into the composition.

It’s all! See you there in Tres Cantos in two weeks! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you (bring some tinto de verano and churros!) haha!



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