Welcome at the Park Ave.


Studio Calico December at ‚Park Ave.‚ is spectacular this year! What a range of colours, Niagara of shades, wow! Firstly I was shocked, I was lost, had no idea what to do, what pictures choose, but after few minutes of panic I thought – ok, relax, this will be a new adventure, you will handle this, you can use that violet… 🙂 And yes, I dared to create a page (or two) using colours which are usually ‚not my thing’, and guess what – it was so fun!

november go out

Starting from the main Scrapbook Park Ave. kit only projects – as you can see they don’t look like MY typical layouts. Lovely photos of my goddaughter help me to create something crazy, happy and girly. I was inspired by the set of BG transparencies from the main kit, especially by those triangles! And of course a stamp, fabulous.

absolutely beautiful

 park ave addonsRITZ                                                HELMSLEY                                          WALDORF

Now – Park Ave. add-ons. This month’s add-ons – as you can see – are full of vibrant shades, flowers, fancy alphabets and lovely exclusive embellishments – everything what I love most! It was more than FUN playing with them. I made only two layouts but I hope that I will find more time to make more becasue I still have lots of inspiring details to use.

happy day with you

Yes – typical ME on this page 🙂 My gesso base, favourite watercolours, inky splashes, pencil doodles, leaves… I couldn’t resist! Do you still like this kind of projects? Even if they are Anna-Maria’s ‚classisc’?

comfort and joy

Please don’t forget about this month’s digitals! They are available right now at the SC shop >>> HERE.



2 Komentarze to “Welcome at the Park Ave.”

  1. Love these LOs Anna! Love the watercolor effects, typically yours.
    Silvia (from Asturias…)

  2. I LOVE Anna-Maria’s classics 😀


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