Shine bright :: December Daily 2o13


Yes, this is not a mistake (this time), today I have few photos of my last year December Daily album. I didn’t finish it in 2o13 and I thought that I won’t make it, never. There was a day – a month ago I think, that I just set down and I finished it, just like that, in one day. It’s not nothing spectacular, no no no… but I am happy becasue I closed my 2o13 December memories in a nice cover 🙂 I chose few pick to share with you today. But before I start – first please check out the previous pages:

HERE      ::      HERE      ::      HERE

Bez nazwy 1


Starting from December the 13th, from my trip to Madrid where I was teaching Diario de Navidad classes 🙂 Lots of good memories from that journey (Cortylandia rulez) 🙂








Few pages are still in a creative mode 🙂 I will share them when I will be ready.


Shine bright in Shanna Noel’s Sparkle class! Shanna will demonstrate expert techniques using mists, glitter, paint, stamping, and script to show you how to add serious glamour to any project.
When it comes to metallics, silver is a classic choice, but Shanna will show you how to combine colors like gold and black to make a bold statement. She’ll give you tips on putting ZING glitter and metallic inks to use with your stamp sets, along with leading you through painting techniques that will add the right amount of shine to any project. You’ll learn the best ways to layer metallic materials to create totally fun and unique looks that really shimmer.  Let Shanna help you embrace your bold side so that any project you make can beam with style and sparkle!


While supplies last, Sparkle students will receive a bonus class kit containing glitter stars, sequins, aqua trim, metallic + vellum circles and metallic words. This kit will ship free, no matter where you are.If you want to enrich your drawer with great mettalic, gold and silver supplies check out >>> THIS the CLASS SHOP.


Check out this amazing SPARKLE STAMP SET designed by Shanna Noel! Get your shine on with this stamp set featuring sentiments you can glam up or dress down. Use the unique fringe banner, beautiful songbirds, and varied script in this set, and your projects will definitely spread love around like confetti.


4 Komentarze to “Shine bright :: December Daily 2o13”

  1. It is a beautiful album!! Perfection! Could you share how you binded the album?
    sorry if my translation is not very good.

    Jest to piękny album !! Perfekcyjnie! Czy możesz podzielić się jak oprawiony album ?
    Przepraszam, jeśli moje tłumaczenie nie jest bardzo dobra .

  2. So beautiful and BRIGHT! I love it so much Anna, you are a great artist!
    Merry Christmas
    Silvia( from asturias…)

  3. Love it!!!

  4. The most beautiful December Daily I have ever seen!!!


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