Le Pritemps du Scrap :: Toulouse :: Mars 2o15

Bonjour a tous! I can’t be more proud and happy that I will be there in Toulouse with you in March! Yep – this is an announcement of my next spring class in France. SCRAP a Sauce organizing next edition of Le Pritemps du Scrap and I will be one of the guest of this disco event!

For our meeting in March I prepared three different scrapbook pages. I would like to introduce you to them in this short note.


First layout is made with the most neutral colour scheme and it suits to girlish and boish projects. I used here one big, vertical photo ( 10×15 cm). I think that a pale, black and white photo will be the best for this page. You will find here a strong mixed-media feeling and I will try to present you how to use arylic paints in few interesting and easy techniques.
What you will need for this part of the class: gesso, acrylic paints (grey, navy, salmon), dimentional foam, glue, scissors, black precision pen (or different black marker), uni-ball white pen, a pencil, acrylic block for the stamp, black or grey ink pad, two flat, hard brushes, a piece of thick paper or an old creadit card, palette knive.


The second project will be very girly. A mix of pink, red, orange and yellow shades combined with embossing flowers will make this page fabulous. I used here one black and white photo, but you can bring more than one picture, we will use it as well if you will want to!
I mixed few techniques here – stamping with white embossing and watercolour cloud technique.
What you will need to create this project: gesso or gel medium, embossing ink pad, white eembossing powder, a heat gun, glue, scissors, watercolours of your choice (typical, custom watercolours, ecolines, peerless watercolour papers, gelatos, neocolors, various Mister Huey’s mists), two small, raound and smooth brushes, a jar of water, paper towel, an old credit card or palette knive, a ruller. If you have your favourite stamps with flowers, leaves or other floral elements please bring them with you. Variety is so interesting and your projects will be different thanks to your own embellishments and stamps. Don’t forget about them.


And the last, third layout – typical colour for the boy page (as you can see all of you will find something interesting). This page is not that messy as previous ones. This is something more about the construction of the composition, using a stencil and acrylic paint with some elements of stitching. Of course if it won’t be enough for you we will add some more mixed-media action to this, no problem 🙂 To create this project I used two almost simmilar photos cuted into the triangles.
What you will need here: small, sharp scissors, glue, white uni-ball pen (a white gel pen), black precision pen, a pencil, a needle with various threads. Take something to make small holes. If you have any stitching stencils – bring them as well! Acrylic paint of your choice – it would be a good idea even if I will have the basics on my table. Don’t forget about the ruller – it will be needed to create the construction.

OK, I think this is it. This is all what I have for you today. I hope that you find these sneaks interesting, that you want to be introduce to the new acrylic techniques, get a ‚master level’ in watercolouring and get to know how to mix all the various scrapbooking techniques into one, extraordinary project during my classes with a big smile, lots of fun and remarkable translator – one and the only – Celine Navaro! See you there in Toulouse soon!




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