Far far away reveal!



It’s been a while… I hope you understand – Christmas are very busy in Poland 🙂
I am so happy that I joined to the amazing Studio Calico Creative Team for a third time! We start this new 2o15 adventure with new, January ‚Far far away’ kits! I am in love with them! in ALL of them! Main scrapbook kit is just amazing, so inspiring, so sweet, juicy, colourful… love every little piece of it – and those exclusive papers!!!


This is my main kit only project:

I am

I was so inspired by these colours. I created a paper bird as well (?!), please don’t ask 🙂 If you are interested in how this layout was combined together, I will publish step by step tutorial soon.


IVY TOWER                                 WISHING STAR                                      MAGIC CARPET

These are this month’s scrapbook add-on… I KNOW! (do you already hear Monica Geller now?!) 🙂 I didn’t have enough time before Christmas to play with these beauties, with all of these fabulous silkscreens, lovely alphabets and exclusive embellishments but! I will change it after New Year’s Eve. For today – I have these add-on mixed projects:

little Jane in the rain

Little Jan is standing in the rain.. in Rome 🙂 Jane Evans – beloved daughter of Paige. I received this inspiring photo for her and created this layout using silk screens, embossing powder and stamps. I also have a short step by step tutorial… see you soon!

little boys with

ANd my last project made with January kits. I was playing transparencies and alphabets. Simple project without any media – something what is not typical for me.


3 Komentarze to “Far far away reveal!”

  1. Thank you for sharing!!!! I love all your projects!!!! Thanks a lot.

  2. Amazing!
    Sara from Italy

  3. So beautiful and unique projects!! Love your works!


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