I am – AM :: tutorial.

Hi guys, I know you’ve been waiting two weeks for my ‚Far far away’ tutorials… so sorry, but just after New Year I got sick. Awefully. Inflammation of the cornea of the both eyes plus conjunctivitis… It is really painful. Hurts so badly. But now I’m much better. I can finally look at the screens so I’m back (new me becasue I have glasses! I will show you soon).

OK – first from start to finish tutorial – made with Far far Away‚ scrapbook main kit only (I am deeply IN LOVE WITH this main kit, with all of its patterned papers and exclusive embellishments… those fruity transparencies?! OMG!).


The composition of this layout is really, really easy. First of all I combine all the basic elements on a backgournd – including photo. At the first step I make a decision about the colour palette of my project.
Oh – I forgot. Do you remember my subjective moodboard for December and its middle picture ‚OUI’?


Well – the inspiration comes from this picture. Actually, I was so charmed by its shades and brush strokes! I decided to combine this idea into the layout.


I took a piece of white cardboard, Color Theory acrylic paint and a smooth brush. I was using the colours directly from the tubes (yellow, orange, black), only salmon shade was mixed with a blot of white paint.


I wrote ‚I am’ –  I like this because it also looks like my initials 🙂 Remember that you will get better effect if you won’t repeat the strokes. Try to paint all these lines only once – it won’t be very easy, but it’s not impossible to make. I was not completely satisfied with this effect so I made a second copy using the same colours.


When my acrylic poster was dry I stick all elements of the composition to the patterned background and I add a subtitle below ‚I am’ title. I embellish few places using this lovely, tiny washi tape with happy phrases from the main kit.


I was still missing something. I needed an embellishment which will suit to my palette and mood of the project. Suddently I had an idea… Using various papers from the main kit and exclusive wood veneers I combined an  origami looks like bird (I am not sure if I wrote it properly, I hope you get the point). I cuted few triangles – if you want you can make the same. I won’t give you any measures but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you will focus on it. Start from this ‚not triangle’ figure (the bird’s belly) and the rest should be pretty easy to cut.


When all the elements are ready stick them to the cardboard leaving tiny spaces between the triangles and cut the bird. When my bird embellishment was ready I added few more touches of black – little black dots here & there, you can spy them on a picture above.

I am 1

It’s ok to stick the bird to the background, you can add some 3D foams under to give it a dimmention 🙂 I just added few black splashes and draw a thin arrow. The project is ready.

I am

I hope you enjoy this step by step tutorial. If you like such kind of insirational classes, sketches and not complicated compositions I have an interesting idea for you.

New Studio Calico proposition. ‚On The Grid’ classes leading by on of my favourite scrappers around the world, fav SC teacher and beloved friend – Marcy Penner and her remarkable contributors!


Save your projects from falling flat – learn how to give each one a solid foundation with On the Grid. Marcy Penner shares her secrets for using a grid based design to create perfectly pulled together projects in a flash. You’ll get Marcy’s expertise in multiple areas to create the perfect base for your projects by exploring using basic grids, playing with design through the use of tags and other materials, and getting out of the square format by experimenting with other shapes or stamps. On the Grid offers the blueprint to success – no heavy equipment needed.


5 Komentarzy to “I am – AM :: tutorial.”

  1. THANKS you so much and your page is beautiful !!!

  2. Why don’t you just give credit to where you found inspiration for the origami bird instead of saying you thought of it? I saw the exact same design on a link from pinterest: http://www.trudygeorgina.com/#/st-vincents-of-chelsea/

    • Dear Sara (?)
      Yes, this is exactly the same origami bird which I used as an example. I’m didn’t write that ‚I thought of it’ but I wrote: „Suddently I had an idea…”. And yes, I had an idea to add a ‚kind’ of origami bird so I found a random, flat origami bird on Piterest and I cuted few triangles to combine it. I didn’t copy the link, just closed it just after i sketch an example on a piece of paper. I really can’t find anything wrong in my behaviour. As you can see I gave credit to this ‚OUI’ poster which was was true inspiration for this project. I really don’t have a problem with that 🙂 and you?


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