‚Cirque’ reveal!


Welcome everybody! I can’t believe that it’s February reveal already!Cirque‚ kits appear so fast, I really didn’t use all my ‚Far, far away’ goodies and I was ‚forced’ to work with new ones. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE February kits! I made a lot of projects and I still would like to combine something in a free time.


I start withCirque scrapbook main kit only project…


This is the place where fabulous Ashley’s Goldberg’s acrylic art meet with Anna-Maria’s watercolours, what we can get with this mixture? Yep, a big mess… Someone can says: ‚It’s inspiring’, but probably most of you think ‚nope, it’s just a mess’. No matter what do you think about the final effect, you have to know that I had a lot of fun during the creative process and I trully adore the background paper.

Now two layouts which (I hope) show you my true love to the February’s add-ons: ‚Flying Trapeze‚, ‚High Wire‚ and embellishment ‚Ringmaster’ add-on.


The first one was inspired (or you can call it a scraplift if you want) by an amazing layout designed by talented girl – Jill Sprot [HERE is the oryginal project]. During my Pinterest ‚walks’ I found this layout and I knew that I have to make something simmilar, why? becasue of the layers! I adore layers and lately I resign with them with unexplained reasons. I knew that there are lots of fabulous patterned papers in the ‚Cirque’ add-ons and that I should show them to you all in a best way.

all about that base

I knew that I want to use many patterned papers here, this photo in my favourite ThatWay fur, this amazing wood veneer and lovely pineapple stamp (becasue I love pineapples so much). I added lyrics from the song which have been played in a radio during my creative process plus – few old ‚Zara’ labels printed on a vellum.

all 3

I combined everything together using Jill’s layout as an example and fantastic inspiration (thank you Jill once again) and that’s it! I made a perfect layout, I made a dreamy project which I adore 🙂 I know, I’m not modest right now, not humble at all, but I really like the effect I get.

The second add-on project was inspired by fabulous and well known Noah‚ alphabet stapms! Yep! They finally appeared once again at Studio Calico, I was waiting for them for a few years. I found a good picture and created a linear composition.

little books

I filled the project with various patterned papers, embellishments and stamps. I recycled glasine and plastic bags and used them as layers under the transparent moon. If you look at the left side you can spy a piece of Europe‚ stamp and die set.

little 1

I adore this set! First of all I stamped ‚Europe‚ (funny… 🙂 ) and after I covered it with a piece of pink patterned paper from which I cuted out the map – using ‚Europe‚ die of course. And I repeated it many times because I made other project using this set, and this is not the end of this friendship 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed for all of you who want to buy this and I hope that SC made enough sets. But if… if you won’t be lucky enough to get this stamp+die set you can always purchase the digital version of it >>> HERE.

Usually I don’t use any extra papers, but this time I have to admit that patterned papers in the February’s kits are fabulous. Usually both sides are awesome so it’s obvious that I need (probably you too) more than only one paper from the kind. These are the close ups on all the extra papers from ‚Cirque’ kits. Extra exclusives and beloved brands from the new lines >>> ‚More Patterned Paper‚ and ‚Add-on Patterned Paper‚.

patterneed paper

Of course there is a bunch of digital items in the shop (this month I didn;t use them becasue I had some problems with computer and printer, etc… but they are great – as always). Check out the digital shop >>> HERE.




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