‚Galileo’ :: late June gallery


‚Shame on you!’ – yep, you can use this phrase instead of ‚hi!’. I am so lazy when there are more sunny days out there! This is true, I hate writing posts, sitting in front of the computer when I can spend more time outside, but I bet that you have simmilar feelings. Even if I am soooooo bad lately – I prepared a short reveal post for you. Besides –Galileo‚ kits are still available in the Studio Calico shop so you are not late to the party if you will enojoy my projects and those fabulous exclusive supplies I used to create them.


This is my [main kit only] project which was combined with the products from the photo above, based on my favourite June’s patterned paper ‚the begining/the end’.

an ordinary Sunday

And here are two projects – mix of add-ons. One of them you already know from my ‚start to finish’ tutorial and the second – which can be new for some of you:

joie de vivre

nom nom nom

Soon I will post an extra layout made with ‚Galileo’ goodies to give you more inspiration to create your own projects.


One Comment to “‚Galileo’ :: late June gallery”

  1. uwielbiam je wszystkie !!!


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