‚Cirque’ senak peeks and a bunch of offers…

I’m back with a lot of informations directly from the Studio Calico club kit, shop, etc… and of course – with some new sneak peeks! Hmmm… where to start… maybe with sneaks? I know that this is your favourite part, so let’s do this. Last two days I was playing with my CT box full of ‚Cirque‚ goodies. Oh-my-lord! I am in love with them! It was so fun! I made three layout and a mini album and I still have lots of ideas so if time will let me – I won’t hesitate to use them!

Starting with the [main kit only] project… and next the mix with add-ons. The sneaks of mini album will be published in a special post on the ‚Sneak Peeks‚ message board at Studio Calico >>> HERE, soon.

under 4

little 4

all 1

Oh… I would like to show you the whole layouts right now! I can’t wait… I am really happy with them 🙂 The goodies from the kits made them, they just made my projects. If you want to check out more sneak peek photos please move >>> HERE.
An important information for this month is, that…

 Ok, now – February exclusive offer for subscribbersCool Copper‚ vellum paper pad!!! This 4×4 paper pad is just one reason we’re crazy about copper! We’ve added the lovely metallic hue to this perfect companion to your crafting. Each vellum page stands out with bold, stylish patterns you’ll love.

sneak offer

This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last. This item qualifies for free shipping on its own. The cost of the Cool Copper Vellum Paper Pad will not count towards the free shipping threshold with the other items in your cart.

The second offer for subscribers (this offer is open for subscribers now, but it will be available soon for all of us, during reveal night). Not a subscriber? Join us for exclusive discounts and promotions. So what’s the deal? The preorder of new albums: 9×12 and 6×8!!!


I have to say that the Woodgrain 9×12 album stole my heart… Some important answers on your questions coppied directly from the Studio Calico blog…

Will the new albums bundle with kits? No, we want to get these out the door to you sooner than bundling with February’s kits!Albums are scheduled to arrive by the end of next week and we will ship albums out upon their arrival. The albums and shipping charge per album are as follows:

  • Domestic shipping for the 9×12 Album – $29.99 ($31.99 for leather)+ $4 per album shipping fee
  • International shipping for 9×12 Album – $29.99 ($31.99 for leather) + $9 per album shipping fee
  • Domestic 6×8 Handbook – $19.99 + $4 per album shipping fee
  • International 6×8 Handbook – $19.99 + $9 per album shipping fee

Is there a quantity limit to purchase? Nope! Pre-order as many as you ‚d like! Just remember, there will be a small shipping fee for each album ordered.

Will these work like typical preorders? Yep! To preorder pages, just click on the preorder button, and that automatically completes your order (your card will be charged for the album, but the shipping fee will be applied to your order when they actually ship)! If for example you would like five albums, you will just need to click preorder (for the albums you want) 5 separate times, and 5 separate orders are then placed. So if you click it only once, an order is automatically created, so keep this in mind while you’re shopping for your albums.

Of course we shouldn’t forget about page protectors for the albums and handbooks. Multi-pack page protectors ship FREE with your album preorder! As a result of Studio Calico awesome customer inquiries, they decided to put up the multipack of the page protectors (individuals will be available for sale during the Reveal period) with album preorder. SC wanted to put more of them up for sale, but simply didn’t have time and we wanted to be assured of the exact count. The 9×12 multipack will be available here and the 6×8 multipack available here.

And the very last thing for today. New subscriber great offer! If you read all these previous exclusive offers for subscribers only and you are NOT a Studio Calico subscribber yet, but now you WANT to be a subscribber – this paragraph is just made for YOU 🙂


Start a NEW subscription for only $5!!! What a great deal!!! BTW – if you still don’t have your ‚Far, far away‚ kit it can be the best offer ever for you. On my blog you can find some inspirations made with these kits. I also published From start to finish‚ tutorial made with scrapbook main kit and in a few days I will post a second tutorial made with ‚Far, far Away’ add-ons! (which are still available by the way… if you can please think about ‚Magic Carpet‚ – one of my favourites with THREE silk screens inside!).


I am – AM :: tutorial.

Hi guys, I know you’ve been waiting two weeks for my ‚Far far away’ tutorials… so sorry, but just after New Year I got sick. Awefully. Inflammation of the cornea of the both eyes plus conjunctivitis… It is really painful. Hurts so badly. But now I’m much better. I can finally look at the screens so I’m back (new me becasue I have glasses! I will show you soon).

OK – first from start to finish tutorial – made with Far far Away‚ scrapbook main kit only (I am deeply IN LOVE WITH this main kit, with all of its patterned papers and exclusive embellishments… those fruity transparencies?! OMG!).


The composition of this layout is really, really easy. First of all I combine all the basic elements on a backgournd – including photo. At the first step I make a decision about the colour palette of my project.
Oh – I forgot. Do you remember my subjective moodboard for December and its middle picture ‚OUI’?


Well – the inspiration comes from this picture. Actually, I was so charmed by its shades and brush strokes! I decided to combine this idea into the layout.


I took a piece of white cardboard, Color Theory acrylic paint and a smooth brush. I was using the colours directly from the tubes (yellow, orange, black), only salmon shade was mixed with a blot of white paint.


I wrote ‚I am’ –  I like this because it also looks like my initials 🙂 Remember that you will get better effect if you won’t repeat the strokes. Try to paint all these lines only once – it won’t be very easy, but it’s not impossible to make. I was not completely satisfied with this effect so I made a second copy using the same colours.


When my acrylic poster was dry I stick all elements of the composition to the patterned background and I add a subtitle below ‚I am’ title. I embellish few places using this lovely, tiny washi tape with happy phrases from the main kit.


I was still missing something. I needed an embellishment which will suit to my palette and mood of the project. Suddently I had an idea… Using various papers from the main kit and exclusive wood veneers I combined an  origami looks like bird (I am not sure if I wrote it properly, I hope you get the point). I cuted few triangles – if you want you can make the same. I won’t give you any measures but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you will focus on it. Start from this ‚not triangle’ figure (the bird’s belly) and the rest should be pretty easy to cut.


When all the elements are ready stick them to the cardboard leaving tiny spaces between the triangles and cut the bird. When my bird embellishment was ready I added few more touches of black – little black dots here & there, you can spy them on a picture above.

I am 1

It’s ok to stick the bird to the background, you can add some 3D foams under to give it a dimmention 🙂 I just added few black splashes and draw a thin arrow. The project is ready.

I am

I hope you enjoy this step by step tutorial. If you like such kind of insirational classes, sketches and not complicated compositions I have an interesting idea for you.

New Studio Calico proposition. ‚On The Grid’ classes leading by on of my favourite scrappers around the world, fav SC teacher and beloved friend – Marcy Penner and her remarkable contributors!


Save your projects from falling flat – learn how to give each one a solid foundation with On the Grid. Marcy Penner shares her secrets for using a grid based design to create perfectly pulled together projects in a flash. You’ll get Marcy’s expertise in multiple areas to create the perfect base for your projects by exploring using basic grids, playing with design through the use of tags and other materials, and getting out of the square format by experimenting with other shapes or stamps. On the Grid offers the blueprint to success – no heavy equipment needed.


Far far away reveal!



It’s been a while… I hope you understand – Christmas are very busy in Poland 🙂
I am so happy that I joined to the amazing Studio Calico Creative Team for a third time! We start this new 2o15 adventure with new, January ‚Far far away’ kits! I am in love with them! in ALL of them! Main scrapbook kit is just amazing, so inspiring, so sweet, juicy, colourful… love every little piece of it – and those exclusive papers!!!


This is my main kit only project:

I am

I was so inspired by these colours. I created a paper bird as well (?!), please don’t ask 🙂 If you are interested in how this layout was combined together, I will publish step by step tutorial soon.


IVY TOWER                                 WISHING STAR                                      MAGIC CARPET

These are this month’s scrapbook add-on… I KNOW! (do you already hear Monica Geller now?!) 🙂 I didn’t have enough time before Christmas to play with these beauties, with all of these fabulous silkscreens, lovely alphabets and exclusive embellishments but! I will change it after New Year’s Eve. For today – I have these add-on mixed projects:

little Jane in the rain

Little Jan is standing in the rain.. in Rome 🙂 Jane Evans – beloved daughter of Paige. I received this inspiring photo for her and created this layout using silk screens, embossing powder and stamps. I also have a short step by step tutorial… see you soon!

little boys with

ANd my last project made with January kits. I was playing transparencies and alphabets. Simple project without any media – something what is not typical for me.


Le Pritemps du Scrap :: Toulouse :: Mars 2o15

Bonjour a tous! I can’t be more proud and happy that I will be there in Toulouse with you in March! Yep – this is an announcement of my next spring class in France. SCRAP a Sauce organizing next edition of Le Pritemps du Scrap and I will be one of the guest of this disco event!

For our meeting in March I prepared three different scrapbook pages. I would like to introduce you to them in this short note.


First layout is made with the most neutral colour scheme and it suits to girlish and boish projects. I used here one big, vertical photo ( 10×15 cm). I think that a pale, black and white photo will be the best for this page. You will find here a strong mixed-media feeling and I will try to present you how to use arylic paints in few interesting and easy techniques.
What you will need for this part of the class: gesso, acrylic paints (grey, navy, salmon), dimentional foam, glue, scissors, black precision pen (or different black marker), uni-ball white pen, a pencil, acrylic block for the stamp, black or grey ink pad, two flat, hard brushes, a piece of thick paper or an old creadit card, palette knive.


The second project will be very girly. A mix of pink, red, orange and yellow shades combined with embossing flowers will make this page fabulous. I used here one black and white photo, but you can bring more than one picture, we will use it as well if you will want to!
I mixed few techniques here – stamping with white embossing and watercolour cloud technique.
What you will need to create this project: gesso or gel medium, embossing ink pad, white eembossing powder, a heat gun, glue, scissors, watercolours of your choice (typical, custom watercolours, ecolines, peerless watercolour papers, gelatos, neocolors, various Mister Huey’s mists), two small, raound and smooth brushes, a jar of water, paper towel, an old credit card or palette knive, a ruller. If you have your favourite stamps with flowers, leaves or other floral elements please bring them with you. Variety is so interesting and your projects will be different thanks to your own embellishments and stamps. Don’t forget about them.


And the last, third layout – typical colour for the boy page (as you can see all of you will find something interesting). This page is not that messy as previous ones. This is something more about the construction of the composition, using a stencil and acrylic paint with some elements of stitching. Of course if it won’t be enough for you we will add some more mixed-media action to this, no problem 🙂 To create this project I used two almost simmilar photos cuted into the triangles.
What you will need here: small, sharp scissors, glue, white uni-ball pen (a white gel pen), black precision pen, a pencil, a needle with various threads. Take something to make small holes. If you have any stitching stencils – bring them as well! Acrylic paint of your choice – it would be a good idea even if I will have the basics on my table. Don’t forget about the ruller – it will be needed to create the construction.

OK, I think this is it. This is all what I have for you today. I hope that you find these sneaks interesting, that you want to be introduce to the new acrylic techniques, get a ‚master level’ in watercolouring and get to know how to mix all the various scrapbooking techniques into one, extraordinary project during my classes with a big smile, lots of fun and remarkable translator – one and the only – Celine Navaro! See you there in Toulouse soon!



Shine bright :: December Daily 2o13


Yes, this is not a mistake (this time), today I have few photos of my last year December Daily album. I didn’t finish it in 2o13 and I thought that I won’t make it, never. There was a day – a month ago I think, that I just set down and I finished it, just like that, in one day. It’s not nothing spectacular, no no no… but I am happy becasue I closed my 2o13 December memories in a nice cover 🙂 I chose few pick to share with you today. But before I start – first please check out the previous pages:

HERE      ::      HERE      ::      HERE

Bez nazwy 1


Starting from December the 13th, from my trip to Madrid where I was teaching Diario de Navidad classes 🙂 Lots of good memories from that journey (Cortylandia rulez) 🙂








Few pages are still in a creative mode 🙂 I will share them when I will be ready.


Shine bright in Shanna Noel’s Sparkle class! Shanna will demonstrate expert techniques using mists, glitter, paint, stamping, and script to show you how to add serious glamour to any project.
When it comes to metallics, silver is a classic choice, but Shanna will show you how to combine colors like gold and black to make a bold statement. She’ll give you tips on putting ZING glitter and metallic inks to use with your stamp sets, along with leading you through painting techniques that will add the right amount of shine to any project. You’ll learn the best ways to layer metallic materials to create totally fun and unique looks that really shimmer.  Let Shanna help you embrace your bold side so that any project you make can beam with style and sparkle!


While supplies last, Sparkle students will receive a bonus class kit containing glitter stars, sequins, aqua trim, metallic + vellum circles and metallic words. This kit will ship free, no matter where you are.If you want to enrich your drawer with great mettalic, gold and silver supplies check out >>> THIS the CLASS SHOP.


Check out this amazing SPARKLE STAMP SET designed by Shanna Noel! Get your shine on with this stamp set featuring sentiments you can glam up or dress down. Use the unique fringe banner, beautiful songbirds, and varied script in this set, and your projects will definitely spread love around like confetti.


Welcome at the Park Ave.


Studio Calico December at ‚Park Ave.‚ is spectacular this year! What a range of colours, Niagara of shades, wow! Firstly I was shocked, I was lost, had no idea what to do, what pictures choose, but after few minutes of panic I thought – ok, relax, this will be a new adventure, you will handle this, you can use that violet… 🙂 And yes, I dared to create a page (or two) using colours which are usually ‚not my thing’, and guess what – it was so fun!

november go out

Starting from the main Scrapbook Park Ave. kit only projects – as you can see they don’t look like MY typical layouts. Lovely photos of my goddaughter help me to create something crazy, happy and girly. I was inspired by the set of BG transparencies from the main kit, especially by those triangles! And of course a stamp, fabulous.

absolutely beautiful

 park ave addonsRITZ                                                HELMSLEY                                          WALDORF

Now – Park Ave. add-ons. This month’s add-ons – as you can see – are full of vibrant shades, flowers, fancy alphabets and lovely exclusive embellishments – everything what I love most! It was more than FUN playing with them. I made only two layouts but I hope that I will find more time to make more becasue I still have lots of inspiring details to use.

happy day with you

Yes – typical ME on this page 🙂 My gesso base, favourite watercolours, inky splashes, pencil doodles, leaves… I couldn’t resist! Do you still like this kind of projects? Even if they are Anna-Maria’s ‚classisc’?

comfort and joy

Please don’t forget about this month’s digitals! They are available right now at the SC shop >>> HERE.



Mini book – winter theme.

It happened. This is a first ‚snowy’ day in Poland. Tomorrow I’m leaving to Madrid for a weekend so I hope I will grab some sunny weather before I will be freezing here. As I mentioned in a few posts earlier, I am going to teach classes in Bambola Casa Creativa once again. This time we will make two layouts and a winter theme mini book! I prepared the project almost month ago and today I want to share it. Becasue we had a fabulous and sunny autumn this year I didn’t have any ‚winter feeling’ photos to create the album. I decided to use some of my favourite Pinterest peeks and placed them into my mini.


This album is not very typical for me. Why? because it has a complicate construction which is usually ‚not my thing’. It consists of three tiny albums folded into one… it’s even hard to explain how I made it, but you have to believe me that it works, it’s possible to combine everything into one, fancy mini book. You can spy some letterpressed elements on the pages, also blind prints, lots of stitching and tiny watercoloured elements. I used inspiring Oh Snap Boutique journal cards and my favourite October Afternoon ‚Silent Night’ stickers.

Winter theme album 1

Oh Snap Boutique cards were my main inspiration here, but I think that October Afternoon embellishments suits great to this album. I mixed them with lovely Amercian Crafts, Dear Lizzy, Amy Tangerine and Crate Paper papers sponsored by ArtWorkshop, added few die-cuts made with Big Shot stencils and Studio Calico dies…

winter theme album 2


winter theme album 3

That’s all for today. I have to pack my lagguage and prepared for Saturday. If I won’t forget I will make some photos from the classes and will share with you after I come back. Spanish ladies are always so creative! I’m sure they will combine something spectacular with the kits. Wish me good luck and safety trip to Madrid and I wish you fabulous and creative weekend guys! See you next week!


‚Park Ave.’ sneak peeks.

It will be an extraordinary December at Studio Calico. You won’t find any typical, christmassy supplies, no ‚very merry’ colours and any ‚holly jolly’  things, oh… ok, maybe some, somewhere in the add-ons. Instead of them there are lots of juicy colours, vivid embellishments and flowers! So excited!

Here are some of my sneaks. If you are interested in other creative team peeks check out the official Studio Calico sneak peek site >>>> HERE.

november go 1

absolutely 2

These two above are made with ‚Park Ave.’ main scrapbook kit only. And these below – are mixed with add-ons.

happy day with you 1

comfort and joy 1

I have to mention about this month’s amazing exclusive offer for Studio Calico subscribers. This time you can preorder fabulous GOLDEN YEAR 2o15 CALENDAR!!!


Your calendar needs some sparkle that will last year round, and this gold foil letterpress calendar will ensure that every day in 2015 is met with the perfect measure of shine. Go ahead, gild every day in gold. This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last.

Not a subscriber? Join us for exclusive discounts and promotions!


This month you have a great possibility to check out how it works and pay only $1!!! Get the monthly subscription of you choice: scrapbook, project life or card with these codes: DOLLARSB, DOLLARPL and DOLLARCD now and make yourself a great present before Christmas!


Last sneaks :: classes in Tres Cantos

This is my last post with sneak peek of the projects prepared for my upcoming classes in Spain (November 22nd). I’ve already posted informations about first layout from the morning classes >>> HERE, and close-ups and instructions to the mini book class >>> HERE. Today I share sneaks and some important facts about the second layout preapred for morning classes.


Thanks to my fabulous sponsore – October Afternoon – you will be able to work with awesome supplies from the ‚Silent Night‚ line! I was so inspiring by these muted colours, the mix of warm pink and cyan with a pop of green – georgeous. I mixed various media and different techniques in this project. I will show you basic acrylic techniques like impasto and dry brush, next we will add some watercolours but this time we will be using October Afternoon ‚Sprinklers’ which are special mediums and they work like any other in this industry. Then we will add stamping, shadow stamps, doodling, there will be lots of layering and a teeny tiny construction work as well. I will also instroduce you to the silk screen and show you how to work with it using acrylic paint.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR THIS PART OF CLASS: first of all – calipers (calibrador, compás), a ruler, pencil, various brushes (smooth and tough, rather small and flat), an old credit card, give card, any card or palette knife (spatula), glue, double sided tape, dimentional foam, a cup of water or little jar. You can bring your own media – watercolours, gelatos, neocolors II, mists, sprinklers… If you have any ink pads which will suit to this colour palette from the picture – take them. I used one big photo – 10x13cm. You can bring one big photo or two small ones – I will help you compose them together and suit them into the composition.

It’s all! See you there in Tres Cantos in two weeks! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you (bring some tinto de verano and churros!) haha!


Tis’ The Season :: mini book classes :: Spain!

Hola chicas!!! It’s only two weeks left till our meeting in Tres Cantos! I know that there are only few more places to sign up so if you are still of the fence you can make your decision after reading this sneak peek post.

Bambola Noviembre kopia kopia

En esta ocasión la tendremos en la tienda de Tres Cantos en Madrid (Comercio, 13 28760 Tres Cantos Madrid) , será  el 22 de Noviembre y tendremos talleres distintos por la mañana y por la tarde. Así que si quieres pasar todo el día empapándote de las novedades y tendencias en scrapbooking, estos son tus talleres!!!

To sign up for the classes please write here: bambolatrescantos@bambolacasacreativa.es to Bambola shop or call:  91 786 41 78

Last time I updated the information post with some sneaks of one of the layouts from the morning classes, if you want to get the details please click >>>  HERE. Today I would like to introduce you to the close ups of mini book classes.

TTS mini book 1

First of all – it won’t be a typical mini album with a hard, mixed-media feeling. This time I decided to make something more complicated in the structure and more elegant just with some subtle mixed-media elements inside. The construction is combined with three mini albums gathered together and closed into a mini book.

The techniques I incorporated into this project are: basic letterpressing made with ink pads, some dlicate watercolours and splashes, die-cutting using BigShot, creating some hande-made embellishments using stamps,  lots of stitching and elements of construction.

TTS mini book 2

You will be working with lovely supplies from various companies: October Afternoon, Crate Paper, American Crafts, Oh Snap Boutique, Studio Calico and Studio Tekturek.

TTS mini book 3


Basics like: long ruller, sharp scissors, glue, strong double-sided tape, craft knife. You will need NEEDLES!!! Don’t forget about it. If you have any threads in various colours – please take them as well. I will bring the colour which I used in my project, but maybe you will be interested in other as well so please take them with you. Other thing – crop-a-dile or something to makes holes, punching, sets eyelets. Stamps of you choice – I will bring mine, but it will be your project so probably you will want to use any spanish words which I don’t have in my drawer, so you can organize them by yourself. If you have ANY embroidery stencils by Amy Tangerine or any other please bring them. I will have mine but if we will have more your work will be faster, please help me with it!
Besides – you will need basic brushes, watercolours or mists or gelatos or neocolors II – whatever you have at home. Of course a cup of water and paper towel are always welcome during my classes 🙂

TTS mini book 4

Oh, if you have any gold media like mists or acrylic paint or gold glitter or gold foil – whatever – bring it! The gold colour suits perfect to this colour palette I propose you for this album. Remember – this is only the example what you can create from the kit. If you are more mixed-media scrapbooker it’s ok! I will bring more letterpress plates than I used in my album, we can add more gesso and watercolours if you want, I can work with you in this case and help you create something with a strong mixed-media feeling. I want you to be happy and staisfied during the class. I will be there for you so I will make anything you want for a few hours at that Saturday.

TTS mini book 6

PICTURES:  I had no time and no proper pictures from last December in my drawer, so used few peeks from my Pinterest boards. I count on you taht you will bring some of your favourites! Remember that it don;t have to be typical december topic, you can preapre also pictures from november or other winter mood. You can also treat this project as a Proejct Life becasue we weill be working with typical PL card size – you use supplies from the kit and hande-made journal cards created during classes in your PL spreads! It’s not needed to close these memories in a mini book. During this workshop you will get to know how to create special journaling cards with your own photos, using letterpress, blind prints, layering, watercolours…

In my project I used eight photos in typical, small 7×10 cm size. You already see the colour palette for the project – try to find something what will be rather simmilar to these colours or use just black and white pictures.

TTS mini book 7

The last information is – you can treat this mini book as your this year December Daily album. You will find lots of christmassy ‚October Afternoon’ ‚Silent Night’ goodies in you kits so your project can looks like typical DD album. The decision is yours. Hope you will enjoy the class. I will be back with the sneaks of the last layout next week. If you have any questions please ask in a comment below or send a message to Sandra Padovano  or the Mer Gayo Val. Besos!

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