Studio Calico :: ‚Front Row’ :: sneaks II

I have so much to show you, a lot of things, the details from different add-ons! It’s a pitty I can just share with you some sneaks. This time I chose some bold ones. If you are interested in all SC February sneaks click HERE!

7&th floor3



handsome 2

These are the sneaks of the Main kit, add-on 1 and add-on 4 and… my first Project Life kit! I use the PL carts on my pages – almost on all of them!  I can’t wait the February’s reveal! 🙂


6 Komentarzy to “Studio Calico :: ‚Front Row’ :: sneaks II”

  1. na na na … mało mi, mało :))))

  2. I cannot wait for my February kit!!!!! Thanks Ana!! I am so happy you are on the DT team at SC!!

  3. pięknie się zapowiada!

  4. i’m looking forward to see more 😉

  5. How do you get the black pencil looking squiggly lines? Doesn’t seem to be thread. Is it with a pen?


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