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‚Front Row’ :: Studio Calico PL kit!

front_row_headerToday we have a ‚Front Row’ Project Life kit!  This was my first PL kit ever and I am super excited about this! I use almost all of my PL cards to make layers on my pages… and I combine a mini. Let’s start from the beginining.


This is a February’s ‚Front Row’ PL kit… OK, I’m speechless 🙂 I don;t know where to start! Do you see those cards?! this wooden one with ‚&’?! and this one with this AMAZING ‚to the moon & back’ print?!!! I was so inspired by these tiny things! And these are my creations inspired by these cards and details:

to the moon & back SC

I think this is one of my favourites layouts this month. I took the photo of my sweet child from the early morning houres – as you probably know our children are most lovely when they are sleepy or just after they wake up, so… I thought that this amazingly sweet Project Life card from the PL kit will be perfect for this layout.  I cut some pieces of different blue papers and combined them like a collage. I added a little bit of gesso here and there and some watercolours in blue/yellow palette.  I also add this month’s printables – I adore them – as always 🙂  You can find here some pencil doodlings and stamping. I used the PL stamp set from the PL kit.



This page is something extraordinary for me because usually I don’t use brown and beige – I really don;t like much these colours. But this time I was so inspired by these amazing PL cards from Project Life kit. I couldn’t resist myself!

beautiful morning SC I found these twins photos and composed a basic composition build on a square. And here – I stucked. I had no idea what to do next and finally I decided to use my favourite motive – triangle – and duplicate it in several sizes. The composition of all these triangles is like a whole piece of patterned paper – this was my second option (but I use this trick in my previous layout so this time I decided to spent more time to create this part of composition). I cut some triangles in my baze and covered them with different patterned papers from the add-ons. In the end of my work I added some wood veneer embellishments: arrows and lovely star. Of course I didn’t forget about doodles and splashes.

morning 3


This is so ‚me’! 🙂 I love to work with my everyday photos. The meaning fo this page is so simple. I had a bad day. Really BAD day. I was stressed and unhappy. When I saw these beautiful shades of mint and blue I though – I’m in ‚blue mood’ today, so this must be a sign! I have to make a blue/mint layout!

bad day SC

I used some PL cards from the PL kit, some printables , amazing stamps from the PL stamp set and little embellishments. The whole composition is simple – almost nothing. It was like a puzzles. I have nothing to add to this description. I didn’t think then, I just feel these colors.



What’s going on?! I made another ‚brown/beige’ layout?!! Is it still me?!! Well, yep. This is still I, Anna-Maria 🙂 I was so inspired by these amazing PL cards! Look at this awesome wooden ‚&’ card! How could I not use it somewhere?!

I just cut it a little bit (I will use the second part later, in the other project).  So this ‚&‚ card is the main inspiration for the whole page. And the rest is just the composition over the main detail… ok, and I love this photo – from the ZOO.



And for the desert… I made a really MINI album using Project Life cards from PL kit as a base. I had a few photos from my son’s last b-day (January 2o12) and I used them to make this little memorabilia. We have our b-day tradition – it will be the sixth year when the whole b-day eve we spent the night at blowing ballons. Last year – as you can observe on the photos – I create a kind of ballons curtain on his door.

00 b-day tradition
I took some PL cards and printables and fold them to this mini book. My son adore this full of colour album and keep it on his shelf 🙂 How do you like the idea of this PL mini?







It was a loooong post, but that you if you are steel here! 🙂 I still have a lot of pages to share. Have a good day everybody! :*

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