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Letterpress magic…

I would like to take you a while and write a few words about letterpress technique which is one of my favourites lately. As you probably noticed a few months ago Studio Calico started to sell fabulous, new designs of plates to create spectacular letterpress prints. This month letterpress is coming back to the shop with some new things!

Letterpress poster

[inspired by Tom Eckersley LCP Exhibition poster]

Above you can see one two of my favourites plates – the ‚old’ one Constelation (my students looooove this plate so much when we are making letterpress prints during classes) and the newest one – Woodgrain (I am going to use them in Paris and Barcelona!)

letterpress platesYou have a huge range of plates to choose and of course you can also find some dies as well!!! These florish ones are my favourite! If you are waiting for the specific plate which is not available right now – I have some great news for you. The letterpress plate will be restock soon!

+   +   +

So once again – what you will need to start creating letterpress prints. One cutting machine (Big Shot, Cuttlebug, Vagabond or other), letterpress bundle, favourite colours of  letterpress inks or – whole ink bundle! When you have all the basics you can purchase some extra supplies. And coe back for favourite plates and dies… this is the begining of your collection!

+   +   +

be a star 1

These are the most popular questions you ask me. Here are the answers:

1. Is letterpress ink is a special kind of ink?
YES, this is a special printing ink in differents colours. Usually professional printing inks are sell in huge mugs in a few primary colours. Letterpress ink are the best option becasue you can buy lots of colours and don’t spend a lot of money. They are very efficient.

2. Can I use different kind of inks to make a letterpress print?
YES you can, you can use a custom stamp ink pads, but the colour won’t be very vibrant and usually it’s not waterproof (and letterpress kind of ink IS waterproof that’s why you can mix this technique with f.e. watercolours).

3. How to get a ‚deeper’ effect of my print?
You just have to add an extra layer under your background paper. Or use smoother kind of paper or cardboard.

4. How many times I have to roll the print in the machine?
It depends – I usually make it for four times (two times in both directions).

5. How to clean the plates?
I always use wet wipes (the special ones from letterpress or just custom baby wipes without smoothing balm). Sometimes I also brush my plates using soap and water.

If you have any other question please ask – I will give you the answers in the comments.

+   +   +

I take the advantage of the opportunity and invite the Spanish girls for my March classes in Barcelona, where I will be teaching two different mini album classes with watercolour and letterpress techiniques. The event is organize by lidia from CONESA scrap. I will write you more details soon.

conesa BCN


‚Copper Mountain’ reveal night!!!


We will say ‚good bye’ to this marvelous 2o13 with Studio Calico January ‚Copper Mountain’ kits!!! This year we have some little changes so just because I am in a scrapbook creative team, you will be able see only Scrapbook Main and Scrapbook Add-on kits here on my blog and in the gallery.


So this time I prepared two Main Scrapbook Kit Only projects and three pages which are the mix of sb main and the scrapbook add-ons:

Freemont Glades           High Point          Slingshot

copper mountain addons

And now – my layouts. First two pages are Main SB Only. If you are in love with these amazing pattern papers which are exclusive for the kits or the other which you can find in the add-on remember that you can buy them as well!

SC Patterned Paper      Add-on Patternred Paper     More Patterned Paper

Main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 12/28/2013.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.

at home

When I was created this project I used different colour of Mister Huey’s and Transparent Watercolour Papers. This is also a place where I used lots of different colours of various stamp pads. I used something about ten different shades. All of them you can find in Studio Calico shop. I think that a huge range of inks pads is a ‚must have’ for all of us! As the main embellishments I used feathers cuted from the October Afternoon paper which you can find in Scrapbook Main Kit this month. And of course – my favourite printables.

nothing else matters

This is not my typical composition of the layout and I really have no idea why I compose this page like this, but I like it 🙂 I made a huuuge journaling part – which is also something unusual for me. I combined the photo with this awesome printable PL card designed by Shanna Noel I added two of the stamps from the main set and red puffy heart. Triangle coffetti was cuted from the pattern paper.

Now other three layouts made with mix of main and scrapbook add-ons:

Woderful smile

When I saw so many green and turqoise shades in the add-ons I decided that I will use this very old photo of my son. I remember that day, he was 1.5 year old than and laught so loud! 🙂 I have a lot of beautiful memories with that moment. Once again I used amazing printable PL cardds by Shanna which you can find in Studio Calico Digital shop.

Mon Cheri

This project was inspireed by the photo orf my son’s feet 🙂 I think it’s so adorable (when they are clean of course). I decided to stay in the bright palette with white bacground and pastel printables and embellishments. The mood of this layout is soft and subtle. I like such kinds of scrapbook pages most.

For this layout below I prepared a quick step by step tutorial so I will write something more it next time 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂

You are my weakness

If you are interested in the details of these projects and maybe some particular supplies I used to create them please move to my Studio Calico Gallery >>> HERE. Thank you so much and… let’s start a new adventure!!! If you enjoy SC kits and this amazing community maybe you will make a New Year present for yourself and start a subscribtion?! If you already made a decision this is the link which will help you to descover the details >>> HOW TO START? <<< count on you! 🙂


‚Blue Note’ watercolour die cuts :: tutorial!

Hi! It’s been a year till I start working with Studio Calico at it was the best year in my scrapbooking life – thank you for your support everybody! What can I do to repay you – I think the best idea is prepare a step by step tutorial with the Blue Note‚  Scrapbook Main kit!   ha! I hope you will enjoy.
I decided to make a blue/navy layout with a touch of red and some white space – all of these colours you can find in December kits. You won’t need nothing more than a few things from the Scrapbook Main and ‚Blue Noteprintables to create simmilar project as I made.

I used a diamond shape cardboard as a mask. To get a proper shade of blue mist I added a few drops of ultramarine ink to the bottle of Mister Huey’s ‚Bazinga’ mist.


I used ‚dirty’ cardboard mask, recycled glassine bag and transparent foil with silver stars to create the layers under my photos. Close to the darkness parts of the photos I applied some thin layer of gesso and afternoon it dried I paint a little bit using peerless watercolours and the same shade of Mister Huey’s I used for misting.


Next I added some printable details, ultramarine tangled thread, a title and ‚december’ stamp. I puted a printable tag into the hidden pocket made with glassine bag and…


 … my layout was ready. Oh, I forgot that I also make some tiny splashes using Mister Huey’s Opaque White – my totally favourite not only for the winter projects.

first snow
first snow 1

first snow 2
I hope you find my tutorial as useful and worth to try.

Supply list – Studio Calico Blue Note Scrapbook kit; printables – Hello Forever labels & printables and In A Creative Bubble Blue Note printables; mist – Studio Calico Mister Huey’s Bazinga & Opaque White; other – watercolors.

This is a ‚week challenge’ at Studio Calico posted today, I’d love to have you take the inspiration from this tutorial and use it on your own project! Share your new project for the challenge in the SC gallery (add the hashtag #SCchallenge to make it easier to find!), then link up your project in the comments of this post by December 30th to be entered to win a $5 gift card to the Studio Calico Shop!

Lovely Monday! We will see just after Christmas because it will be the best day in every month – the day of reveal! 🙂


‚Copper Mountain’ sneak peeks

I know it’s Saturday, but I didn’t have enough time yesterday to write this post. I’m still not prepare enough for this Christmas, I have a lot of work and almost no time to do so… But I just HAVE TO share with you some impressions about the upcoming Studio Calico kits.

First of all – I would like to officially inform you all that I will stay in my creatmy SC company for the whole next year! yupiii!!!!! I’m still  pinching myself ‚is it true’, the same as more than one year ago when I get my first e-mail from Studio Calico with the invitation to the creative team. I feel so blassed that I have an opportunity to spent time with such amazing people and inspirational scrapbookers like these girls below:


Agnieszka Malyszek | Ali Edwards | Allison Waken | Amanda Caves | Amy Tan

Anna-Maria Wolniak (it’s me) | April Foster | Barbara Picinich | Becky Novacek | Catherine Davis | Celeste Vermeend | Celine Navarro

Carissa Wiley | Chari Moss | Elizabeth Kartchner | Emily Branch | Dana Fleckenstein | Deb Duty | Elise Blaha Cripe

Geralyn Sy | Gillian Nelson | JJ Bolton | Jennifer Picard | Julie Campbell | Kelly Noel | Kim Stewart

Leena Loh | Lexi Bridges | Lilin Fang | Lisa Truesdell | Loredana Bucaria | Maggie Massey | Maggie Holmes

Marcy Penner | Melanie Louette | Natalie Elphinstone | Nicole Reaves | Nicole Samuels | Paige Evans | Robyn Werlich

Shanna Noel | Stephanie Washburn | Stephanie Baxter | Suzy Plantamara | Tina Aszmus

Let’s back to the sneaks for January. Before December 14th I created my own January moodboard for ‚Copper Mountain‚ kits. This is only my subjective impression about these supplies, but I think so inspirational! 🙂


If you are interested in ‚real’ sneaks you just have to move >>> HERE. And below you will find some of my own close ups. You can also follow me on my Instagram and Pinterest to be updated 🙂

at 1

nothing 2

wonderful 2

mon 1

I wish you great weekend and I will be here at Monday with a mixed-media step by step tutorial prepared just for you with December kits!


12 days of giveaways!!!

I was not here for a few days, but now I’m back and I have some exciting news for you directly from Studio Calico ‚base’!  Before this Christmas SC giving you a lot of amazing presents! Today is the 5th day of the giveaway tour, so this is your 5th chance to win a…

… CAMEO!!!
Each day for the next 12 days, check the blog at 12pm EST to see what new item we are giving away. You’ll have 24 hours from the time the prize is posted to comment on the post and be entered for a chance win it. And we may even throw in the occasional freebie promo code for everyone, so be sure to check back every day. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


Apparently Santa has you all on the nice list…. 😉 For our fifth day of giveaways, FIVE lucky winners will each win a Silhouette Cameo Bundle! Valued at $279.99, this bundle includes a Cameo, a mat and blade, stamp material and stamp cutting mat and a $25 download card to the Silhouette online store. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered!


NOTE: As a sponsor of this giveaway, Silhouette will receive notification of who participated. By commenting and entering this giveaway for the Silhouette Cameo you OPT IN to receive email communications from Silhouette America.


(Please be sure to update the shipping information in your account. Winners will be drawn at random. 12 Days of Giveaways prizes will begin shipping after the holidays.)

+  +  +

What are the other promotions in Studio Calico before this Christmas time? 🙂 My readers have to be well informed so that’s why I give you these infos right now:

  • Studio Calico giving away Bonus Calico Points to reward these memebers whi extend their subscriptions. This offer expires on 12/31 (these are the promo codes you can use: SBBONUS, CARDBONUS, PLBONUS)

+  +  +

  • Day By Day 2o14 classes is still enrolling new students!!! Studio calico offerning the promo codes for people who sign up for the class. Remember that this is a great way for you to learn about your PL kits and save some money on supplies in the process!!!


  • 50% off Page Protectors-Design A 60 Pack when you sign up for the Day by Day class (promo code: STOCKUP50)
  • 20% off other PL and Handbook page protectors when you sign up for the Day by Day class (promo code: DAYBYDAY20). These offers expire 12/31!!!

+  +  +

  • and now – most importsnt thing – NEW Subscriber Promos are still going and expire on 12/26!!! Sign up for a 6 month subscription (credit card payment only, you can’t use your PayPal account) and receive a free stamp grab bag (three different promo codes: one per kit: PLSTAMPGRAB, CARDSTAMPGRAB, SBSTAMPGRAB).

December Daily :: 8th

I was waiting to you these ‚8th’ pages becasue I thought that I will fill the 9th and 10th, but I didn’t. So I won’t waist more time. I’m publishing my special December the 8th day now. Last days I had A LOT of logical work with preparing kits for my spring classes – and as you probably know – this is the hardest work for me becasue I just can’t count, I can’t think in a logical way – this is something what is a nightmare for me. I didn’t have time for anything else – only e-mails, notes, thinking, counting, writing… It is hard to come back to the christmas mood, but I will do that for sure! Well, stop talking, these is my next DD pages 🙂

DD album day 8th a

DD album day 8th b

This time I used old PL cards from previous Studio Calico PL kits, one ‚Current’ card designed by Tina Aszmus- also from Studio Calico shop and my favourite – LETTERPRESS elements. There is’invisible’ letterpressed constellation on one page and gold letterpress ‚YES’ designed by Kal Barteski.

DD album day 8th details (1)

I have to admit that I am pround of these pages and I’m sure that they will be my favourites this year! 🙂

You always made a December Daily album this year? I have a great surprise for you!!! If you show us your December Daily cover to IG and use the hashtag #‎DecDailyCover‬ for a chance to win a Blue Note Project Life® kit and a feature on @studio_calico blog.


entries must be posted by 12.12.2013


‚Scrapbooking by Heart’ :: classes in France

Welcome, welcome!!! We have a beautiful sun  today in Poland which gave me a lot of new energy to create! Besides I can’t wait my weekend classes in Madrid and Tres Cantos! I’m leaving at Friday and I’m sure it will be a great fun – as always.

+  +  +

Talking about classes – I came here today becasue I have some exciting news for my French girls (and boys if there are some). I will be teaching mixed-media mini book classes at the first weekend of February 2o14 (1st & 2nd) near Paris in Maisons-Alfort  >>> Scrapbooking & Co. place!!!

scrapbooking & co with Prisca kopiaI will be teaching with my scrappy hero – Prisca Jockovic!!! OMG!!! I can’t wait. The event will take two days. I will be teaching the same class at Saturday and at Sunday.

Soon I will be able to show you a piece of the fantastic kit I’m preparing for you. It will be full of fabulous colours and… exclusive supplies prepared especially for you! Of course I will introduce you to the watercolour technique which I love most, but I also like to show you some new things like for example Letterpress!!! I want to prove you, that this is an amazing effect which can enrich your scrapbooking projects.

Well, I know that there are not to many places and some of them are already taken so please don’t wait. You can make yourself a great gift for the upcoming Christmas. I think that there is nothing better than spending time toghether with  great company! So take your friends and book your place at our ‚Scrapbooking by Heart’ classes as soon as possible! The details you can find here on Scrapbooking & Co. blog or you can write on this e-mail:
See you there in the begining of February!!!


Pure JOY :: mini album

Yesterday during my ‚pinning’ session I accidentally came across at this AMAZING cover… It was an impuls…

album inspiration from that to this

I created almost simmilar cover and it was a begining for the whole album 🙂 The title is ‚JOY‚ – because it is all about joy and about great fun which I had yesterday evening when I was created this mini book. I invite you for the jouney with magenta shade of pink and some neutrals :*

album JOY 00

album JOY 01

album JOY 02

album JOY 03

album JOY 04

album JOY 5

album JOY 06

album JOY 07

As you probably noticed I used Studio Calico supplies from the latest Printshopcollection and a lot of other things (mailny stamps) from Studio Calico kits which I collected during last year.
If you are interested in the details of this album please move to my SC gallery >>> HERE.



December Daily :: 5th to 7th

I am here only for a moment to share my last December days with you. Below you will find my next DD pages. The first is about St. Nicholas Day which is related with lovely custom. When we wake up at the early morning we can find sweets and little presents in our shoes 🙂 Sometimes when someone was naughty during last year – he (or she) can get a little birch with ribbon. I changed this tradition a little bit and my son get little presents into his christmas sock (it’s visible at the photo) and a book under his pillow (it’s also popular custom in Poland at the 6th of December).


I created a simple pocket made with white paper bag at the back of this big, red project life card bought few months ago in Studio Calico kits shop. I embellished it and put inside a letter to Santa Claus which is written by my son. This is another family tradition in my house. At 5th of December evening, my son write a letter to Santa and put it into this huge red sock. When Santa comes at night to leave the sweets an a book he takes the letter – of course he have to know what Jan wants to get for Christmas! 🙂


I collected these Santa’s letters during last years and I love them! To remember the things that happened at the 7th of December I used my favourite ‚current’ project life card designed by Tina Aszmus which I received from Studio Calico. If you are interested in such special cards you can find them HERE below the current kits. Wish you nice end of this Sunday!

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