December Daily :: 5th to 7th

I am here only for a moment to share my last December days with you. Below you will find my next DD pages. The first is about St. Nicholas Day which is related with lovely custom. When we wake up at the early morning we can find sweets and little presents in our shoes 🙂 Sometimes when someone was naughty during last year – he (or she) can get a little birch with ribbon. I changed this tradition a little bit and my son get little presents into his christmas sock (it’s visible at the photo) and a book under his pillow (it’s also popular custom in Poland at the 6th of December).


I created a simple pocket made with white paper bag at the back of this big, red project life card bought few months ago in Studio Calico kits shop. I embellished it and put inside a letter to Santa Claus which is written by my son. This is another family tradition in my house. At 5th of December evening, my son write a letter to Santa and put it into this huge red sock. When Santa comes at night to leave the sweets an a book he takes the letter – of course he have to know what Jan wants to get for Christmas! 🙂


I collected these Santa’s letters during last years and I love them! To remember the things that happened at the 7th of December I used my favourite ‚current’ project life card designed by Tina Aszmus which I received from Studio Calico. If you are interested in such special cards you can find them HERE below the current kits. Wish you nice end of this Sunday!


2 Komentarze to “December Daily :: 5th to 7th”

  1. Pięknie! 😉 Tyckłaś mnie, miałam nie robić DD, ale na białym tle, z szczyptą koloru 🙂 Zrobię 🙂

  2. Wow Wow Wow !!! Your DD is magical ! Love it !! **


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