my addiction

This is a time for my confession… I am addicted… I am addicted to many things, but my greatest addiction is…

Ryan Gosling.

If you don’t know who is Ryan Gosling during this post, you will have an opportunity to know him a little bit (but I think everybody should watch his movies – because all of them are outstanding or very good). If any of you are interested in the titles of his movies I will give you some ‚the best of…’

Whatever – I feel like a teenager when I am watching Ryan Gosling, he is one of my greatest inspirations ever! Today I have a pleasure to show you my ‚Hey girl!’ mini album made especially for my classes in Austria (love you girls!).

I used SODAlicious ‚This is it‚  6×6 collection and ILS ‚LET it GO‚ line.

… and now some close-ups of the project…

Maybe you know Ryan Gosling? Try to recognize some of his roles 🙂

Stay, Drive, Blue Valentine, The notebook, Stupid Crazy Love, The Ides of March, Believer, Half Nelson, All Good Things, Lars and the Real Girl, Fracture, The United States of Leland…

29 Komentarzy to “my addiction”

  1. BOSKI album!!!! z resztą jak i sam bohater 😉

  2. your album is awesome…and I am sharing your adiction…I adore this actor!!!

  3. fantastyczny album! uwielbiam ten zestaw kolorystyczny 🙂

  4. Ania beautiful!
    I love your new album, the title and the main character!
    Do you know that one of my favorite movies the stars in it? Noah’s diary

  5. Dzięki Tobie…tak dzięki Tobie zakochałam się w nim i w jego rolach!!!! Album jest rewelacyjny…tak samo jak i jego bohater 🙂

  6. I noticed that through your pins :))

  7. This is adorable!! Amazing work too!!

  8. E’ stupendo!!!!!! Ma c’è qualcosa che ti riesce male????? Sei fantastica!!!!! 🙂

  9. This is such a cool idea and as always so beautiful designed. Love it! 🙂

  10. Ania! Szalona kobito, full wypas 😀

  11. A stunning mini with such an handsome actor !! Love it !!!

  12. You make me laugh! Thanks! This mini is so pretty… and Ryan so cute, is true!

  13. Haha, this is just amazing! Gotta say, with this subject, how can you resist! 😉 Also a big fan of „Hey girl” 🙂

  14. Your album is beautifull!! I hope if Ryan Gossling see your album , he love it too!! 🙂

  15. Mhm zdecydowanie właśnie w tej chwili umarłam xD ❤

  16. It’s beautiful !!!!

  17. Magnifique, so beautiful

  18. If you have the oportunity you should send this to him! 😀 it’s a reallu great album, love it, and love Ryan too 🙂

    Greetings from Spain!

  19. LOVE RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I like this guy too, Isn’t you hubby jealous! LOL! Your album is gorgeous!!

  21. haha, this is so cool!
    in this point, I’m so totally with ya sista 🙂

  22. great album, I like papers……………and I don’t know ryan, but it’s not very important !!!! have a nice day !!!!

  23. Oh yes, Ryan is wonderful…… the Notebook 🙂 This album is amazing, yes you should send it to him if the opportunity arises!!!! I absolutely love this range you have used……where can I get it???? Awesome work lovely xo

  24. hi!!! can i ask you what are the faboulous bright colours you use in your works? thank you for the answer!

  25. This is so cool! Love those Hey Girl photos with Gosling on Pinterest and here you have made an mini about that! Awesome!

  26. Of course…I know Ryan Gosling and I saw a few movies with him. I like him very much.
    Your mini is so lovely…the color combo is great!


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