art journal



Truth is beautiful and brave.

88/365 :: art journal :: I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild, when it is quiet and serene, when it is dark and moody, and in all its moods, I see MYSELF.

art journal :: Live the LIFE you've imagined.

89/365 :: art journal :: it's complicated

art journal :: head in the clouds

art journal :: all you need is lOvE

art journal :: be the change you wish to see ine the world

91/365 :: art journal :: I'm glad that you here...

art-journal :: baila, baila

art journal :: te quiero BCN

art journal :: live, love, be... now breathe

art journal :: I don’t agree that it's our destiny


personal journal

personal journal

personal journal

personal journal

personal journal

from A to…

The alphabet of my life.

the alphabet of my life

a :: ama-me

b :: beautiful & brave

c :: calm

d :: destiny

e :: easy [like sunday morning]

f :: full [of everything]

g :: gOOd

h :: history

i :: independence

k :: konwledge

l :: love

m :: motherhood

n :: no

Colours of BCN

colors of bcn

Alone with myself…

alone with myself; the trees bend to caress me, the shade hugs my heart...


easy way to calm - new mini-album

easy way to calm I

easy way to calm II

easy way to calm III

7 Komentarzy to “art journal”

  1. love your journal pages – I saw you in Art Journaling (I am there too) congrats – love your work – is this all watercolors?

  2. piękne 🙂

  3. i am blown away by so much talent! absolutely amazing…all of it!

  4. nie moge sie nagapic… swietne i .

  5. Wow! Saw you on Rhonda’s blog. LOVE your style! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.



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