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Carolina Moon reveal!

I know… I am a rare guest here lately, so sorry! It’s all about this beautiful weather, the sun and my new hobby… Yep, I finally start running 🙂 I really can’t believe that after only two months I can run over 7km (of course in a comfortable pace, but always; that counts, right?!). So this is it, this is what fill my days, running, biking, swimming… and it feels so good! I have to admit that it’s hard to stay at home and scrap. I am deifinitely a ‚polar’ scrapbooker. I love sitting over the goodies during long and dark autumn and winter evenings. But… there is always such day during every month when my heart start beating quicker than usually. This is the deliver day! I LOVE receiving Studio Calico boxes! This time the box was full of Carolina Moonscrapbook kits and add-ons which are truly inspiring.


This is the picture of the Main ‚Carolina Moon‚ Scrapbook Kit. The characteristic elements are: bold, gold/copper alphabet, lovely pink paper with copper polka-dots patter, black and white goodies and simple red heart. Below you can see my main kit only project:

cut happens

I was inspired by this oryginal ‚copper feeling’ and extremely awesome digital printables designed like usually by Hello Forever and Creeative Bubble. You can find all this month’s printables >>> HERE. The exclusive patch says that ‚Art Happens’, I deleted the word ‚art’ and replace it with a word ‚cut’. The photo was made just after my hair cut session in March and this is how this black and white patch inspired me 🙂 it was the begining of the story of this layout.


‚Carolina Moon’ scrapbook add-ons. Let me introduce you to the subtle Dean which in my opinion has most beautiful patterned papers from the all available add-ons, fancy round stamps (which give you lots of various possibilities to use them) and great exclusive circle wood veneers and plastic words. Meet ‚Frank‚ – energetic one with celebration feeling! I adore this giraffe motive in the stamp set and on a vellum transparency, and those fancy, magenta letters – so fun! And ‚Katharine‚ – at the end of our jouney. The most bright point of this add-on are transparecies, label stickers (I love them so much) and those ‚jelly’, colourfull hears. You can choose what you like most or you can get them all this evening 🙂

And now it’s time for the mix of add-ons projects. This month I made two but unfortunately I used very simmilar photos and therefore… I made a kind of double page.

Lincoln double

Both of them were inspire by the colours from the pictures made during our latest family trip to England – in beautiful old town – Lincoln.

Lincoln I

I grabed few patterned papers in simmilar mood, added a piece of exclusive washi tape, transparencies and my favourite – Tilley‚ alpha stamp set!

Lincoln II


Lisse Street reveal


I am a little bit late this month with a reveal post. (…) I wrote here few phrases but I quickly removed them becasue I realized that there is nothing good enough to write… anyway, coming back to the layouts – Lisse Street April’s kits…

bday high hopes

I promise to add few sentences here later… I will write about all these fabulous supplies I used and colours, and stamps… Now I just don’t have time. I’m leaving to England with my super boys for Easter (and few days more) to our dearest friends. I hope we will rest a little bit and we will run away from this weird, Polish, wintery weather (this is something strange that it’s snowy here at the begining of Easter… we even didn’t have snow here during Christmas!!!). Well, I will write when I get some wi-fi there or just after when I will come back…

love you mom
I wish you all happy Easter and beautiful, sunny weather this spring!

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