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Spencer’s Reveal


You will adore these kits! Playing with them is like a fairytale. I grabed Main Spencer’s Scrapbook kit, both scpbooking add-ons: Front Porch Blend and Daily Grid and Project Life add-on – Latte. And here are my April’s layouts, enjoy.

I was thinking a lot about how to use these cuted circles in my work and I decided that first – I will use them as a mask and next I cut a piece of this craft and use it as a background. I also add some mixed-media actions using gesso, mists and watercolours here and there. The rest is just a combination of different layers. I have a lot of self-portraits this month because I was experimenting with my new Canon Selphy – and I get a lot of photos in weird crops 🙂 sorry.

everyday recording

This is a crazy layout inspired by this chevron motive coming from this red-navy paper. You can find here a lot of chevrons made using different Studio Calico ‚V’ masks. Whole page stays in a summer holiday mood that’s why I stick here the little printable anchor and use these marine colours.

totally rad

This layout was totally inspired my this amazing pink paper. I adore this gradient here!!! All I knew wt the begining that I want to use this paper as a background and this beautiful stamp – the rest was just an inprovisation. I created some layers using alsothis lovely black envelope. Of course I add some splashes and doodlings – I adore me new tool – white Uni-ball. This is the second month with this tool and I can’t stop! I am also impressed by these clear shapes – the colours on the are so vibrant!

I did it again

This is an another vacation layout. The photo was made when my son was 5 – so I cuted this ‚5’ from the PL card from the PL add-on. I combine some transparent and white layers from vellum and different papers. The background is made from white paper and I also add there a piece of white patterned paper from one of the add-ons. Of course I add a little bit of watercolour paint all over the photo. And the good info is – that in Studio Calico shop you have a new watercolour medium! Transparent watercolour papers – you have to buy them 🙂

be all there

This is my this month’s Main Kit Only layout. I stick it in a navy palette with some highlights. The inspiration is coming from the picture – as always in my works.  I combined a lot of various layers, I used a vellum, printables, wide washi tape, some different pattern papers and simple embellishements.

best friends

Ok – I think that this title is dump :/ but I added it here and I never change my mind on the layouts so – it have to stay. So just treat this sentence as an element of the composition only – not the main reason why this page was made, ok?  I used my self-portraits once again (sorry, but I have a lot of them because I was learning how to use the Canon Selphy) – and I decided to stick in a monochrome palette. Finally I add a little bit of woodgrain motives. Once again you can find here different kinds of chevrons. For me the most important part of this page is this adorable handwriting patterned PL card in a dark navy colour from this month’s PL add-on Latte. I am in love with this card.

all inspiration no motivation

I love this photo of my beloved son – everything what happened on this page is a consequence of the color palette of the image. I adore this craft paper in the background. I create a lot of layers here but my intension was to highlight the photo – I hope I do my best 🙂

how beautiful it is

I hope that you like my this month’s creations and that they will be enough for next two weeks. I’m leaving and probably I won’t have an internet so it will be quiet here for a moment. I wish you Happy Easter time with your beloved family and friends. Send you huge hugs.


Before Reveal


Tonight we have an April Reveal at Studio Calico!!! I am so excited – this is one of the most amazing nights in a whole month! Our Creative Teams galleries will be open in a few houres. And now…


You can look at all of this month’s digital items!


And this is also your last chance to sign up to Lexi’s ‚This is Me‚ class!!! It will be all about handbooks and minibooks! I’m sure these classes will be outstanding, I can’t wait!


Studio Calico :: Spencer’s sneak peeks II

I am in love with all of these different colours in the next month’s kits! These are the sneak peeks from my latest pages. Remember that there are only a few days till April’s reveal!

sneak peeks kopia

I wish you a beautiful first day of Spring. Unfortunatelly I have a snow storm in Poland right now, but I believe that in a few days the Spring will come with all its magnificence.


Studio Calico :: April ‚Spencer’s’ sneaks

I totally enjoyed playing with April ‚Spencer’s‚ kits! I am so busy right now, and I’m scrapping between my travels and making laundry, but it’s still fun! And I’m sure that the main reason which make it interesting for me are goodies in these wondreful kits! This month I grabbed of course the Scrapbook Main Kit and both Scrapbook add-ons and… I took Project Life add-on as well! Because this is a super-dooper news, that from now we will have add-ons for all kinds of kits: Scrapbook, PL and Crad kit – I think it’s great!


I will keep updating the Sneak images here on the blog during next two weeks. And tomorrow I leaving (yes, again). This time it will be an amazing European city – Budapest! I am so happy because I’ve never been there before. I will teach the whole day of mixed-media classes. This is a sneak of one of the projects prepared for my class. I am almost ready to go!


We wil be playing with ILS papers, Studio Calico goodies and Ranger media! Please don’t forget to take watercolours, mists, colour inks, different smooth brushes and hard brush also. Take your favourite pencils and other stuff. Can’t wait to meet you all!!!


Delightful :: entreARTistes

What a day! I have enough of winter for this year! I really don’t have energy for anything during last days :/ And you? I think that all of us need a little bit of sunshine…

Today on entreARTistes blog I prepared a pastel layout for you using only ILS papers and tags from the ‚Divine this Line‚ stripes and some amazing Studio Calico printables! You already know how much I love printables. I refer them as stylish, with good design, easily available and economical with excellent high graphic quality.

Je vous ai préparé une page tout en pastel pour ce mercredi, j’espère qu’elle vous plaira! J’ai utilisé des papiers et des bandelettes de la marque I Lowe Scrap ainsi que des printables Studio Calico, que j’aime beaucoup utiliser en ce moment, car ce n’est pas cher, on peut les imprimer à l’infini, ils sont vraiment super design et, si vous êtes habitué à travailler avec Photoshop, vous pouvez les recadrer, changer leurs tailles ou même les ajouter sur une photo!


So my today’s layout is very cheap to make – you only need two pattern papers, one stripe with tags (or printable tags), and a few printable embellishements.

Aujourd’hui, ma page est vraiment très abordable niveau prix – vous n’avez besoin que de deux papiers imprimés, une bandelette de papiers (ou des tags) et quelques printables.


You can also find here a lots of layers. I poped up the photo and some of the printables using foams. Of course – I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some pencil doodlings, messy tangled threads and some tiny splashes in various colours.

My whole layout is on entreARTistes blog 🙂

Vous verrez que j’ai pas mal travaillé en « couches » sur cette page. La photo est surélevée grâce à des mousses 3D. Bien sûr, je n’ai pas pu résister et j’ai ajouté quelques doodlings ici et là, du fil blanc entortillé et des gouttelettes d’encres en fond de page.


Online classes giveaway winner.

Hi! I just back from Germany – girls! it was a great event, thank you very much for your beautiful works and I can;t wait to come back someday 🙂

GIVEAWAY workshops

And now I woudl like to announce an entreARTistes Online Classes giveaway!



congratulations! I am waiting for your e-mail ASAP because my online classes starts today!!!


Version Scrap :: Paris :: what you’ll need…

Hi!!! I receive some questions and comment below the previous post about Version Scrap – so once again 🙂 I will teach three different MINI ALBUM classes during these three days: 5-6-7 of April in Paris.

BE BOLD – We will create an album in all shades of gray (all associations are irrelevant) :) with some neon accents – you will have a choice if you want to choose yellow or pink neon elements. The sponsores of these workshops are:

Color Conspiracy, Scrapiniec, SODAlicious, 7 Dots Studio and Freckled Fawn!!! There are only 7 places for Sunday’s class.


For this class I used one big photo on the cover of my album (15×13 cm) and 9 square (7×7 cm) black and white photos inside the album.

MEDIA & DOODLING – this is a mini-album class as well. But at this class we will combine a bright album. You will also have a choice if you want to create something in pastels or you prefer the bolder colours. Of course I will teach you how to get a watercolour effect on the pages using various media like inks, watercolours, mist, Faber-Castell gellos, etc… The sponsores of the workshops are: ILS and Studio Calico. There are still 24 places for Sunday.

Media & Doodling

For this project I used 9 square (7×7 cm) photos in black and white palette – and I think you should also bring some black and white photos 🙂

POWER COLOURS – this is ALSO a mini album class. During this workshops I will show you how to compose the pagse from neutral papers and next how to add some pops of colour on it using embellishments and mixed-media actions. We will be  playing with gesso, watercolours or other mediums you will bring for the classes. There are still a lot of free places on these classes so don’t let them wait for you so long! The sponsores of this class are: ILS, Studio Calico , SODAlicious and Color Conspiracy. There are only 17 places for Sunday’s afternoon.


For this project I used 7 (9×7 cm) photos and one big photo (15×13 cm) on the cover. I think black and white photos will be the best.


MATERIALS you have to bring for the classes:

gesso, watercolour media (it depends what do you have at home and what you will like to use, or learn how to use): watercolours, colour inks, ecolines, Faber-Castell gelos, Mister Huey’s mists, October Afternoon mists or other mists (all of them are good enough), watercolour crayons; a pencil, a black pen, minimum two different brushes (rather small ones, one soft and one hard), black china ink, black stamp ink, various stamps (a date stamp, different roller stamps will be good… arrow stamps), scissors, glue, double-sided tape, adhesive foam (!), crop-a-dille/scraparatus or other whole-make things, a ruler.
About the pictures – I used only black and white photos to all of these projects. Most of them have a square shape – like from Instagram. Not bigger than 7x7cm, but we will handle with all what you will bring for the classes. Brighter photos are always better for my classes.

If you are sure that you can’t be there in Paris, don’t be sad 🙂 You can always take part in my entreaARTistes online workshops giveaway!!!

GIVEAWAY workshops

My entreARTistes online classes start at March 11th but you can join to us anytime! These classes are avaiable in two languages: ENGLISH and FRENCH. If you are english speaking customer – all you have to do is create an account an, add my class in english to your cart, proceed to payment and that´s it. You will automatically be added to my private forum in english.

washi tape

And my last news for today – beacuse we have a Women’s Day today, on ILS blog we organize a GIVEAWAY – if you take part you can win our BRAND NEW ‚WHY NOT?’ washi tape manufactured in collaboration with Freckled Fawn!!!


Watercolours in generous with Lucky Charm!

PP kopiaYesterday on Dear Lizzy Paper Party blog adorable Elisabeth published my next article about watercolours in generous.

Last time one of you asked me about the papers I used on my pages and I received some questions about the other materials. I thought that it would be interesting for you, if I write about some details. Exactly this instant technique, its potential and the possibilities it creates, along with my knowledge in this subject is something I would like to share with you in this article. Let’s begin with a few words about materials that might come in handy:

PAINT: You may use any of your children?s ordinary set of watercolour, e.g. the most basic set of classic, ?hard? watercolour included in the IKEA art set, watercolour crayons which enable for specific and accurate effects in your works, Faber-Castell gellos, you can get an amazing effects using Mister Huey’s mists by Studio Calico, or, just like I often do, you may apply concentrated fluid pigments ? ecoline by Talens, a company that offers a wide selection of colours (this type of paint is available in almost every decent, well-stocked shop for artists; besides, if they are available in Poland, you are bound to find them everywhere in Europe and I think in US as well).


BRUSHES: Watercolour is supposed to be used with soft brushes, preferably natural ones. Depending on the desired effect, we may choose among round brushes with broad tip (perfect for applying larger quantities of paint, as well as for bigger, blobs and paint smudges on cardboard), round brushes with pointed tip (for painting details, lines, small planes of colour), broad and flat ones (for filling larger planes with colour), as well as little, hard, artificial brushes for splashing paint (the effect is similar to using spray or sprinkling mists).


PAPER: Watercolur paper of any basis weight (the thicker, the better) should be the base of watercolour background. Personally, I use size A3 sketch book with paper that is heavy enough for watercolour (250 g/m). You can also use American Crafts cardstock – they are also good enough. If you make only subtle actions of the page you can use a custom scrapbooking paper like f.e. one from the Dear Lizzy ‘Lucky Charm’ collection as I did :)


This is my today’s layout – I used only ‘Lucky Charm‘ papers and embellishments here and add some delicate watercolours effect – just for illustrate how AMAZING it looks togheter :)



C@R event in Germany!

It’s only two days to the begining of the biggest scrapbooking event in Germany – C@R 2o13!!! We will meet there on my ‚subtle palette layout’ class on Saturday!!!


This is a little sneak of my work…

I would like to thank you my dearest sponsores: ILS and Studio Calico. I can’t wait to show you how to play with printables, combining pages in almost monochrome palette, how to make a pencil doodles and compose the layers. For those of you who would like to learn how to use watercolours, Faber-Castel gellos, mists and other mediums – I have something special 🙂 See you in two days on C@R!!!


Prima PPP…

… and Prima BAP 🙂 Do you miss Prima Marketing here?! Yep – I’m back for a ‚moment’with some Prima’s challenges for March. Here you have my layout made with palette of greens (PPP) and this month’s sketch – I realized both challenges in one creation, hope you like it 🙂


Green is a sign of newness…of freshness and regrowth. It is perfect to celebrate the beginning of spring when the new grass pushes through and birds start to chirp.


I used: Lifetime Collection: „Blue Bayon” 845476, ‚Yesterday’ 845490 Hello Pastel -Resist Canvas 564018 Lifetime Collection -Alphabet Stickers 562885 Tea-Thyme Alphabet Stickers 559168 Rondelle Cling Stamps 559359 Lifetime Brads 564728 Donna Downey Artist Stencil 922399 Chalk inks: Olive Vine, Attie Dust, Summer Field, Lime Pie.


If you are interested in taking a part in one or in both challenges you should click HERE and move to Prima Marketing blog to get more details 🙂

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