Sunday sketch challenge made with ‚Galileo’ kits.

Hello everyone! Today we have three new sketches at the Studio Calico blog – as usually based on a layout, card and project life spread. This time I chose this fabulous PL spread designed by Tina Aszmus as a base for my own project.


I decided to create a double page with a big photo of my fabulous princess and her favourite toy – Beata. All of the materials I used are coming from ‚Galileo’ scrapbook kit and add-ons…


plus – ‚Europe‚ craft die which I truly adore. When you will be watching details you will probably spy some ‚Galileo’ printables, upcycling glasine envelope and various stamps.

beata 1

beata 2

beata 3

beata 4

I encourage you to use various sketches for your creations. It’s interesting to create a card based on a layout sketch or for example a journal card based on a card sketch. Try it! Give it a chance – if not now, maybe next time. Have fun! We are waiting for your creations in a Studio CAlico gallery till Saturday!



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