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Fruit sensation :: painted freebies.

Hello and welcome! Just after reveal night at Studio Calico I have a sweet present for you. You already know what you can find in ‚Penny arcade‚ kits, I also presented you my favourite products which I find helpful to work with July sets. Now I want to give you a part of me in PDF file – few, painted journal cards to download from >>> HERE.


This set consists of five journal cards (one big and four small cards) with various summer fruits. I hope you will find a good place for them in your vacation spreads 🙂 I am waiting impantiently for your creations! If you would like to share your work with me please, leave the link to your project in the comments below this post!

Fruit printables by Anna-Maria

To be true I didn’t have enough time to create something with them yet, but I can share with you my inspiration. I started with this [main kit only] layout made with ‚Penny arcade’ scrapbook kit. Drawing and painting fruits was so fun! First I saw few illustrations during my daily visit at Pinterest, after that I find an idea to combine such drawing into the scrapbook project…

explore. dream. discover.

I was using various nibs and colour inks. Just after this layout I made a mini album. I also add some fruity drawings in it (I will publish my summer mini soon!). After that I thought that it would be nice, if you could also have such yummy additives – so I decided to paint few fruits for all of you.


I hope you will enjoy these cards. Just a little reminder – these printables are for personal use only. Thank you. Waiting for your creations: Project Life spreads, cards, layouts and mini albums! Remember that there are no limits for your creativity! :*


‚Penny arcade’ reveal.


Nothing is more excited than reveal time! And the best option is reveal time with at the begining of summer with vacation photos! As you know I was at the short seaside holidays this month and I came back with lots of new peeks (finally). For me this is the greatest inspiration. When I mixed new photographs with brand new ‚Penny Arcade’ Studio Calico kits – I was in heaven! And today I would like to share this piece of my world with you guys.


Non -subbers info: main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 06/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.

First of all – AshleyG’s designs in the Scrapbook Main kit – oh-my-lord! Outstanding! It was my first choice when I started to combine my [Main Kit Only] project. Here it is:

waiting for sunset

This pattern reminds me a watermelon – and you know how much I LOVE watermelons lately, aren’t you?! 🙂 This is so amazing that we – Studio Calico lovers – have an opportunity to work with her patterns! From Urban Outfitters to her shop on Etsy and Studio Calico – these are the only places where we can associate with Ashley’s works. And this is cool. Even more than – this is totally RAD.
More about this projects – the title – you probably can’t understand clearly; it should be ‚SUSNSET’ but I had only one ‚S’ letter in my set so I decided to use only what I have. To be true for me it’s not that important to have all the letters – the main point is that they are there, they are black and their shape (font style) is outstanding and fit perfectly to the composition. OK – finishing ‚stage directions’ I have one more thing to say – this month’s printables. That’s right! I know! Month by month I am talking about it all the time – but I am a totally printable nut and I have to remind you that also in July, you can ind spectacular designs in SC Digi shop.

+     +     +

penny arcade addons

Tomorrow I will publish my second [Main Kit Only] project and now, I’m going to show my other layouts made with mix of July’s add-ons: SKEEBALL (my totally fav. this month!), FORTUNE TELLER and SPUN SUGAR.

Here & Now. World is waiting.

I can’t find any good words to write, how much I love this ‚world’s map’ stamp designed by Amy Tangerine from the ‚Spun Sugar‚ add-on! I have more ideas how can I use it in my projects and I’m sure that this is not the last layout with this fab. thing!  I know – I made a mistake here in the ‚summer’ word – sorry, I was thinking about the colours not letters (once again – but I have to admit that I have a problem with that). Try to not look at it 🙂 I used my favourite mix of gesso and watercolour here and you can also spy from stiching there. Most of all I adore this summer palette. The ‚Skeeball‚ add-on is based on these colours.

+     +     +

Talking about the yello-orange-pink palette – this fabulous paper is coming from the brand new ‚Brighton Pier‚ collection! This line is full of fantastic embellishments, alphabets and lovely papers! My favourites are wood veneers and awesome handbook! BTW – Studio Calico has greast LIMITED offer for those of you who don’t want to stay in the line for ages – ‚Bringhton Pier’ bundle!


SC release takes you seaside with a color palette of summery blues, fresh greens, and bright pinks, oranges and yellows. Be first in line and preorder a bundle of the Brighton Pier collection to be shipped to your doorstep the moment it arrives on our dock.


This entire bundle will ship free domestically and for a $12.99 flat rate to the rest of the world. These bundles will ship upon arrival to our warehouse, estimated late July.


Rewards Members will receive a FREE Exclusive Brighton Pier Printable Art Print. This item will be placed on your dashboard 7/1/14.

+     +     +


We’re coming back to the more traditional, ‚marine’ palette. For those of you who identify summer with sea colours, wood and camera embellishments ‚Fortune Teller‚ add-on will be the best one. Set full of remarkable ‚October Afternoon’ stickers and thickers – this is what tigers like best! For me these elements is like pier – that’s why I used here the photo made at one of my favourite’s piers at the Baltic Sea. There is also tiny recycled envelope where I hide small photo with our that day breakfast:


You already know this peek from my sneak peek post. What can I add. I have few more projects to share with you. This month was really good for me, very inspiring. I was waiting for such set for months. I can find lots of amazing embellishments and exclusive, fabtastic papers in ‚Penny Arcade’ kits. I hope that my pages say everything and explain you my passion better than my lopsided sentences – as you already know I am not a good writter.

+     +      +

Non -subbers info: main kits and add-on kits are available for purchase at 12:00 am EST on 06/28/2014.
Remember, the links to purchase the Scrapbook, Card, or Project Life kits will not work until this time.
Few of my favourites exclusive items which you can add to your orders (they will find a place on my cart for sure! especially those 4th of July PL cards – I know we don’t have that Day in Poland, but I have some photos which will suit perfectly to those designs).
exclusive penny arcade supplies
                        FUNNEL CAKE                         JULY 4th CARD SET                    ALPHA STAMP SET
Love them all!!! And guess what – there are more such yummies there – die cuts, stamps, journal cards >>>HERE.

‚Penny Arcade’ sneak peek time!

I just came back from my short vacation and opened Studio Calico box filled with July kits! It tooks me one day to create all my ‚Penny Arcade‚ pages and it was sooooooo fun! When I saw all these goodies I couldn’t resist – I had to start. I printed my new photos from the the seaside (right – vacation were short, but I made few hundred photos there ahahha) and combine some projects. Today I want to share some of my sneaks with you.

July mood board

[all these photos ar coming from my Pinterest boards]

For a good begining – my traditional subjective mood board. Once again the main topics are: summer, vacation, outdoors, sweet colours and fresh fruits. I include some of Ashley Goldberg’s patterns in this inspirational board because in this month’s kits you will find pretty much of her designs!


This is my [main kit only] sneak made with Ashley’s designs – this is one of my favourites papers in July! If you want to know Ashley better, you can find her in many places these days. From Urban Outfitters to her shop on Etsy. Check out these places to wait even more impantiently for the kits than usually!


Penny Arcade‚ kits and add-ons are full of great embellishments. Really – this month is fullfill with fabulous stickers and exclusives. I have to mention about amazing stamps as well – btw, the world map stamp designed by Amy Tangerine is divine and so inspiring!

+     +     +

Month by month during sneak night, Studio Calico prepare an exclusive, special offer for their subbscribers (I am a Project Life subscriber and I am always in love with these promotions). In July all the subbers have an opportunity to preorder this fabulous set of mini mists!


Achieve your favorite Sunkissed self when you visit Mr. Huey’s Oceanfront. The local Banana Stand carries Guacamole and Guava that are simply to die for, we promise you won’t be disappointed here!

This exclusive offer is for subscribers only and will ship with your monthly subscription order with no additional shipping fees, no matter where you are! Available for a limited time while supplies last. This item qualifies for free shipping on its own. The cost of the mini kit will not count towards the free shipping threshold with the other items in your cart.

I already used these mists to paint and draw some fancy things on my July’s projects! I use them as a custom liquid watercolours and like vibrant inks – I love to use various nibs to draw. I encourage you to order these fabulous colours to fullfill your artistic drawer!

+     +     +


Coming back to the traditional, vacation palette in marine mood – probably one of my favourites. ‚Penny Arcade’ also include some of such items! Oh my! How I love the July kits!!! I could write about them during all day! Yep, I know – it’s not the point to write about it, it’s better to make more pages ahahha, promise! I will make more than four this month! You have my word.

+     +     +

Usually I prepare a set of my favourite things just before the reveal, but now I want to be sure that all of these supplies are available in Studio Calico shop. I find them so great for this month. I’m sure they will be a great addition to your July’s kits 🙂

July's favourites

I chose some things which I find inspiring and handy for vacation time. I was thinking about ‚Penny Arcade’ kits and travel journals – I love making mini books with my summer photos!

1. I think that these two craft dies: ‚hello‚ and ‚hooray‚ will be great for summer projects. You can cut some samples at home and take them for your travel. Great addition to the projects.

2. Fruits – of course! Summer without yummy fruits doesn’t count! South of Market Printed Chipboards are fabulous!

3. Marine trend – classy. Among Color Theory line we find lots of navy/red/white supplies. I chose marine set of Color Theory Ink Pads and set of Mini Alphas.

4. Quick Stick – this handy tool is ‚must have’ for travel! Need a tool that allows for easy handling of hard to pick up, small pieces? With the this tool use one end to poke out or place items and use the other to effortlessly pick pieces up.

5. Alpha Stamp Set – this is the latest Studio Calico BOMB! I love these letters, I love the idea of various sizes and classy fonts. Great for summer and any other season of the year (I already see my 2o14 December Daily with them!).

6. And last SC shop items from studio selections – Open Road 12×12 Chipboard shapes! Pay tribute to your favorite road trip, vacation or weekend getaway with this Open Road chipboard set! You will be inspired to explore the 66 for another weekend trip after working with this one!  – this is an official description of this product, but I totally agree with it 🙂 My summer album will be fill with these tiny, gorgeous goodies.

+     +     +

So – these are my this month’s faves and some sneaks. I will be posting other sneaks on my Instagram and at Studio Calico. See you there guys!


Transform your favourite embellishment.

I’m sure that sometimes most of you have such thoughts: ‚Wish I that this embellishment was white not pink’ or ‚Oh my, these letters would be perfect – but this gold glitter?!’ Well I had such situation during my work with ‚Hello, hello’ kits. In the ‚Bonjour’ add-on there were one of my favourite phrases by Heidi Swapp, in silver, silver glitter – it’s not ‚my thing’ if you know what I mean. Anyway, I knew that I adore those stickers so I decided to upcycling them using emboss technique.


I had no idea how embossing powder will be working with glitter surface on such tiny area, but I had to try! I took a special clear embossing ink and I covered whole glitter phrase. Next I sprinkled some Opaque White ZINK embossing powder on it…


I forgot that the foil around the letters will be also covered by the powder. Anyway I took my ZAP heat gun and embossed whole area.


Next I took a craft knife and started to rab the foil just next to the letters. It took a while but I still think that it was worth the effect I get.


I was satisfied when I saw the white, embossed effect 🙂 finally one of my favourite embellishment suit to the project. I was happy! and I started to composing other things on my layout.


Of course I couldn’t miss the watercolour areas. I was painted the top of the page using transparent watercolour papers and blending them with the background. This is always my favourite part!


Next step was stamping. I adore mixing various techniques – embossing, layering, painting and stamping – everything what I need in my work on one layout! It was fun! Besides – I was using beloved Color Theory ink pads, yay!


I collected few favourite stamp words on the acrylic block becasue I want to be sure that all of them will stamp in a perfect rows (well, I am not that perfectionist, but I like to have an order on my project; you have to believe me, that all around me there is always a huge mess during my work).

fly a kite

This is the final effect, I hope you like the idea of changing embellishments 🙂 For me colour is one of the most imporant things in composition, so that’s why I was so happy when I realized that embossing is working with glitter. Hope you will use these trick when you will need it.

fly 3
I have one more info for you today – I have an honour to be a guest instagrammer at Studio Calico this week! Please check out SC profile to know something more about my creative space and process! See you there from Monday till Friday!



Studio Calico class HEAVEN!!!

OMG! I just checked Studio Calico Classroom – OMG! I’m in heaven! So many amazing classes are going to be available soon! Adn there are some amazing offer as well, so I decided to post about it as soon as possible because there is no time to wait until all these goodies will be out of stock! OK, so let’s start with these splendid ‚things’.


Learn 20 new ways to get more from your stamps with Inked 2.0! Lisa Spangler and Tina Aszmus will show you the secret of skillful stamping with a series of videos and in depth tutorials sharing their favorite techniques. Spend 4 weeks exploring twenty new and inventive ways to add unique patterns and designs to any paper project.

Inked 2.0 is enrolling now through June 30th at 11:59pm EST. Class will start on July 1st, and 1 video and 4 tutorials will be posted each Tuesday through the 22nd.


Take 10% off class supplies when enrolling in Inked 2.0!

To take advantage of this offer, put the Inked 2.0 class in your cart, and then shop for your class supplies here. Enter the code INKED10 at checkout to receive 10% off class supplies.

Not valid on previous purchases. The Inked 2.0 class must be in your cart along with class supplies in order for promo code to apply correctly. Must enter code at checkout. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes. Offer expires at 6/2/2014 at noon EST.


While supplies last, Inked 2.0 students will receive an exclusive 4x6in stamp set desgined by Life.Love.Paper. This stamp set ships free, no matter where you live. Quantities are limited, so enroll now to reserve yours! We will update this page when this stamp set is no longer available.

And look how amazing set of stamps are appeared in Studio Calico shop! I love them all – especially this remarkable alphabet! It has to be mine, now! (well – it is mine already, ha!) 🙂

Studio Calico stamps!

+     +     +


And NOW – a bomb!!! This is something for what I was waiting for years. I still don;t have my own CAMEO becasue I was sure that my ‚computer skills’ (I don’t have them at all.. no computer skills here!) won’t let me use that magical machine. And now – there is a chance for me to try! How exciting is it?!

Join Kelly Noel for Cameo Basics. This new workshop will give you an in depth look at how Kelly incorporates her Silhouette into her creative process, and show you five fun ways for using digital die cuts and the Silhouette Studio Software to create custom titles, embellishments and backgrounds for layouts, cards and pocket pages. Special guest Natalie Elphinstone will be sharing a bonus technique using the Silhouette Sketch Pens.

Cameo Basics is enrolling now through June 30th at 11:59pm EST, and the all of the class content will be live on July 1st. For more information or to register for Cameo Basics, please click here.

+     +     +

NEW TO Digital Die Cutting?

(YES! I am totally newbie in this world!)


Check out our Digital Die Cut Bundle! With this bundle, you’ll receive access to Cameo Basics AND Cutting Edge with Susan Weinroth, which originally ran in October 2013. Cutting Edge includes 4 videos, 4 step by step tutorials, and 30 exclusive projects made using a Silhouette and digital die cut files. While supplies last, students enrolling in the Digital Die Cut bundle will receive a bonus class kit originally available with our Cutting Edge class. Click here for more information or to enroll in the Digital Die Cut Bundle.


To take advantage of this offer, place Cameo Basics or the Digital Die Cut Bundle in your cart, and then shop for your class supplies here. Enter the corresponding class code at checkout to receive 10% off class supplies.

For students enrolling in Cameo Basics use code CAMEOBASIC

For students enrolling in the Digital Die Cut Bundle use code DIGITALDIECUT

Not valid on previous purchases. The Cameo Basics or the Digital Die Cut Bundle must be in your cart along with class supplies in order for promo code to apply correctly. Must enter code at checkout. Refunds will not be issued for misused or non-entered codes. Offer expires at 6/8/2014 at noon EST.

CAMEO bundle

My choice – my CAMEO bundle for class! Keep your fingerst crossed for me!

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