Lisse Street reveal


I am a little bit late this month with a reveal post. (…) I wrote here few phrases but I quickly removed them becasue I realized that there is nothing good enough to write… anyway, coming back to the layouts – Lisse Street April’s kits…

bday high hopes

I promise to add few sentences here later… I will write about all these fabulous supplies I used and colours, and stamps… Now I just don’t have time. I’m leaving to England with my super boys for Easter (and few days more) to our dearest friends. I hope we will rest a little bit and we will run away from this weird, Polish, wintery weather (this is something strange that it’s snowy here at the begining of Easter… we even didn’t have snow here during Christmas!!!). Well, I will write when I get some wi-fi there or just after when I will come back…

love you mom
I wish you all happy Easter and beautiful, sunny weather this spring!



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