DIY T-shirt

We need an old T-shirt, two colours of fabric paint and various brushes – those my be even the most simple, children ones.

Using a paper triangle and some masking tape, stick the template onto the T-shirt.

Cover the triangles with black paint.

The last triangle is supposed to be painted vivid yellow (one layer might turn out to be insufficient to cover the dark surface – I applied four layers).

As soon as the paint is dry, unstick the template and following the instuctions included with the paint, re-iron the apttern after a few hours.

The T-shirt is ready 🙂

It’s easy as 1 2 3 – the second one was prepared by Jaś by himself. There is „the making of” and a very satisfying final effect.

Tutorial was made for Art-Piskownica recycling/upcycling challenge :: an old T-shirt >>> HERE.


11 Komentarzy to “DIY T-shirt”

  1. Cool, the first one is the logo from Viva-TV in Germany! *lol*

  2. what a good idea !!

  3. Thanks for the good idea! I will do it with my boys! Bye!

  4. hehe, a pomyślałam, że składasz hołd tej cudownej stacji 🙂

    Jasia wersja fantastyczna 🙂

  5. A very very cool DIY!!!

  6. Fajny i prosty pomysł. Jestem wielką fanką DIY. 🙂

  7. This is a great idea! I really have to try thst one time 😀


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