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2o14 selfies :: mini album

Today I have something extraordinary inspired by ‚Ringmaster‚ embellish add-on from February Cirque‚ kits and AmeliaSeven Paper upcoming collection.  This is my last year closed in c&s mini album in pink-gold-black and white palette. These are my favourites selfies from 2o14 with some adnotations, memories, etc.

selfie 1

During last year I leaned how to love myself and this is all about this mini. So even if you think that I am weird (to be true – I am), it’s not a narcissistic project. This is something more which is very important for me.

selfie 2

Besides – I used lots of various embellishments and stamps and papers from the ‚Cirque’ scrapbook kits plus my favourite ‚Europe’ stamp + die set and ‚Noah’ stamps! I checked and they are not available anymore on the SC shop, but if you really need them remember that there is always alternative, digital version of both of them in the digital shop >>> EUROPE and NOAH.

selfie 3


Mini book – winter theme.

It happened. This is a first ‚snowy’ day in Poland. Tomorrow I’m leaving to Madrid for a weekend so I hope I will grab some sunny weather before I will be freezing here. As I mentioned in a few posts earlier, I am going to teach classes in Bambola Casa Creativa once again. This time we will make two layouts and a winter theme mini book! I prepared the project almost month ago and today I want to share it. Becasue we had a fabulous and sunny autumn this year I didn’t have any ‚winter feeling’ photos to create the album. I decided to use some of my favourite Pinterest peeks and placed them into my mini.


This album is not very typical for me. Why? because it has a complicate construction which is usually ‚not my thing’. It consists of three tiny albums folded into one… it’s even hard to explain how I made it, but you have to believe me that it works, it’s possible to combine everything into one, fancy mini book. You can spy some letterpressed elements on the pages, also blind prints, lots of stitching and tiny watercoloured elements. I used inspiring Oh Snap Boutique journal cards and my favourite October Afternoon ‚Silent Night’ stickers.

Winter theme album 1

Oh Snap Boutique cards were my main inspiration here, but I think that October Afternoon embellishments suits great to this album. I mixed them with lovely Amercian Crafts, Dear Lizzy, Amy Tangerine and Crate Paper papers sponsored by ArtWorkshop, added few die-cuts made with Big Shot stencils and Studio Calico dies…

winter theme album 2


winter theme album 3

That’s all for today. I have to pack my lagguage and prepared for Saturday. If I won’t forget I will make some photos from the classes and will share with you after I come back. Spanish ladies are always so creative! I’m sure they will combine something spectacular with the kits. Wish me good luck and safety trip to Madrid and I wish you fabulous and creative weekend guys! See you next week!


Tis’ The Season :: mini book classes :: Spain!

Hola chicas!!! It’s only two weeks left till our meeting in Tres Cantos! I know that there are only few more places to sign up so if you are still of the fence you can make your decision after reading this sneak peek post.

Bambola Noviembre kopia kopia

En esta ocasión la tendremos en la tienda de Tres Cantos en Madrid (Comercio, 13 28760 Tres Cantos Madrid) , será  el 22 de Noviembre y tendremos talleres distintos por la mañana y por la tarde. Así que si quieres pasar todo el día empapándote de las novedades y tendencias en scrapbooking, estos son tus talleres!!!

To sign up for the classes please write here: to Bambola shop or call:  91 786 41 78

Last time I updated the information post with some sneaks of one of the layouts from the morning classes, if you want to get the details please click >>>  HERE. Today I would like to introduce you to the close ups of mini book classes.

TTS mini book 1

First of all – it won’t be a typical mini album with a hard, mixed-media feeling. This time I decided to make something more complicated in the structure and more elegant just with some subtle mixed-media elements inside. The construction is combined with three mini albums gathered together and closed into a mini book.

The techniques I incorporated into this project are: basic letterpressing made with ink pads, some dlicate watercolours and splashes, die-cutting using BigShot, creating some hande-made embellishments using stamps,  lots of stitching and elements of construction.

TTS mini book 2

You will be working with lovely supplies from various companies: October Afternoon, Crate Paper, American Crafts, Oh Snap Boutique, Studio Calico and Studio Tekturek.

TTS mini book 3


Basics like: long ruller, sharp scissors, glue, strong double-sided tape, craft knife. You will need NEEDLES!!! Don’t forget about it. If you have any threads in various colours – please take them as well. I will bring the colour which I used in my project, but maybe you will be interested in other as well so please take them with you. Other thing – crop-a-dile or something to makes holes, punching, sets eyelets. Stamps of you choice – I will bring mine, but it will be your project so probably you will want to use any spanish words which I don’t have in my drawer, so you can organize them by yourself. If you have ANY embroidery stencils by Amy Tangerine or any other please bring them. I will have mine but if we will have more your work will be faster, please help me with it!
Besides – you will need basic brushes, watercolours or mists or gelatos or neocolors II – whatever you have at home. Of course a cup of water and paper towel are always welcome during my classes 🙂

TTS mini book 4

Oh, if you have any gold media like mists or acrylic paint or gold glitter or gold foil – whatever – bring it! The gold colour suits perfect to this colour palette I propose you for this album. Remember – this is only the example what you can create from the kit. If you are more mixed-media scrapbooker it’s ok! I will bring more letterpress plates than I used in my album, we can add more gesso and watercolours if you want, I can work with you in this case and help you create something with a strong mixed-media feeling. I want you to be happy and staisfied during the class. I will be there for you so I will make anything you want for a few hours at that Saturday.

TTS mini book 6

PICTURES:  I had no time and no proper pictures from last December in my drawer, so used few peeks from my Pinterest boards. I count on you taht you will bring some of your favourites! Remember that it don;t have to be typical december topic, you can preapre also pictures from november or other winter mood. You can also treat this project as a Proejct Life becasue we weill be working with typical PL card size – you use supplies from the kit and hande-made journal cards created during classes in your PL spreads! It’s not needed to close these memories in a mini book. During this workshop you will get to know how to create special journaling cards with your own photos, using letterpress, blind prints, layering, watercolours…

In my project I used eight photos in typical, small 7×10 cm size. You already see the colour palette for the project – try to find something what will be rather simmilar to these colours or use just black and white pictures.

TTS mini book 7

The last information is – you can treat this mini book as your this year December Daily album. You will find lots of christmassy ‚October Afternoon’ ‚Silent Night’ goodies in you kits so your project can looks like typical DD album. The decision is yours. Hope you will enjoy the class. I will be back with the sneaks of the last layout next week. If you have any questions please ask in a comment below or send a message to Sandra Padovano  or the Mer Gayo Val. Besos!


‚Suit & Tie’ mini album.

It was a super-duper night and awesome day spent at the seaside in August. Me, my hubby and our two friends were visiting our favourites Polish cities, ate a delicious lunch at the beach but what is the most important, the aim  our trip was AMAZING Justin Timberlake’s and The Teneessee Kids’s concert at the one of the most beautiful Polish stadium in Gdańsk. I took lots of pictures during whole day (from early, wake-up hours will late night at the concert), and I decided to create an album with them.

JT's album by Anna-Maria

From the very begining of my work I knew, that I would like to keep this project in black & white [suit & tie ] mood, it was so obvious to me regarding the set design and graphic design of this World Tour. The idea was great, I had a bunch of photos and great memories, inspiration was boiled inside me and… I bought this sweet 4×4 mini album at SC shop! There was one more thing which forced me to try to keep these special memories in the album – earlier last month I signed up for Marcy’s ‚MINI BOOK’ class, so I was sure that even if my creative mood will gone, I will find an inspiration in her pdf’s. When you enroll to the SC class you usually get an exclusive digital set and I have to admit, that it is one of the greatest things which I adore. Marcy’s printables were so RAD! I printed them on a vellum (as Marcy did) and I was adding them everywhere in my mini.










All supplies I used to create this mini are coming from the previous Studio Calico kits or from the SC digital shop or were buy at the SC shop. Literally – ALL of them 🙂
It was a refreshing change to work with plastic pockets and ready-made cover (you all know how I hate doing covers, right?). To be honest – I can’t wait to make another Instagram book! I just have to find a good event with inspirational photos, I’m sure I will find something like that. This time I will make something in color, totally different mood… oh… if I only have enough time this weekend… Keep your fingers crossed for a creative mind and a bunch of time for me! I wish you all sunny days and big smile 😀


Baltic summer :: mini album.

I have no idea what’s happened with me this month, but I am full of creative energy! I think it’s becasue of that I finally have vacation. In June we spent few days at the seaside and now we are visiting the biggest Polish mountains – so many beautiful views! One more thing – this month’s Penny Arcade’ Studio Calico kits are just stunning. Full of embellishments, exclusive designs and amazing colours.

summer mini by AM4

Few days ago I showed you my juicy [Main Kit Only] layout and I added few painted freebies >>> HERE >>> in this post. I am still waiting for your amazing creations: layouts, PL spreads, mini books and cards! Promise – I will choose some and I publish them on my blog.

OK – during my work with that layout and journaling cards I made this mini. I used manyPenny Arcade‚ embellishments and stamps from the main scrapbook kit and add-ons, July printables designed by Marcy and some older elements from SC kits too (like AT tag…). You can also find some precious papers and elements cuted from ‚One Way Ticket‚ collection designed by ‚Studio Tekturek‚.

summer mini by AM00

Anyway – I have to admit, that the cover is my favourite part – and I never like any covers! I hate to do them! This time it was different. BTW – the cover is made with recycled Studio Calico package 🙂

summer mini by AM 01

summer mini by AM 02

summer mini by AM 03

summer mini by AM 04

summer mini by AM 05

summer mini by AM 06

summer mini by AM 07

summer mini by AM 08

summer mini by AM 09

I hope you enjoy this mini and just want to remid you – if you are a juicy fruits nut as I am – you can dowload my free printable journal cards for your personal projects >>> HERE. Have fun and share your passion!



My love for mini albums…

I will start from the citation which I found at Shanna’s Noel’s blog. These words are everything what I would like to tell you today about my love for mini books: „Let’s face the facts. There is just something special about mini books, they are a little treasure that only we know the true value of. They are are pleasure to make and just make you feel good when you complete one and can hold it in your hand as your flip thorugh the memories. „ This is also my words, this is what I am thinking about when I write about this ‚mini feeling’.

I want to remind you (and remind to myself) some of my favurites mini book I made during last years. I hope you will find some inspiration here to create your own album.


Starting from my totally favourite – ‚HEY GIRL’ mini 🙂 Not only the main theme is spectacular, but I am still in love in this colour combo – neutral grey background and vibrant cyan/lime green elements are at the top of my list.


This mini was made two years ago (I published it at 1/06/2o12), it’s title is ‚Louvre‚. This is a short story about my best friend and her first daughter (almost my daughter as well 🙂 They were lived in Paris than and we spent fabulous time together walking around the city with little Basia who was only 4 months than!


And at least mini book based on the old pages from the book – ‚Hugs & Kisses‚ – with a photo series of me and my beloved Jan, made also in June 2o12.

+     +     +

All of my mini books you can find at this lap >>> HERE <<<.

+     +     +

If you are new to the mini books or you would like to enrich your skills or find an inspiration to create something different than so far, I recommend you new Studio Calico MINI BOOK class with Maggie Holmes (I mentioned about them few post before).


Classes has already begun, but you still have an opportunity to sign up! Maggie’s workshop is enrolling through 5/31/2014 at 11:59pm EST and class content will be available on 5/1/2014. So don’t wait to long, only few days left to the end of time. FOr more informations click HERE.


Letterpress & watercolour mini book classes :: latest spring in Paris and BCN

I was waiting for so long to publish this album – so sorry for that, I just forgot about it! I created this mini at the end of January, just before my classes in Paris (Maisons-Alfort – j’adore!!!). The main point for my students were letterpress technique and watercolour tips & tricks. Unfortunatelly these letterpress goodies are not visible on these pictures; some of the prints were ‚blind’ and really light – but they are there, belive me! 🙂

Anna-Maria Wolniak classes

This mini book was almost a twin sister of my previous album which you can find here >>> PURE JOY. Below I collected few pages from this project:

mini album by Anna-Maria

I would like to thank you once again my dearest sponsores: Ewa from Studio Tekturek for fabulous papers, Studio Calico for lovely embellishments and all letterpress supplies and Dominika from Scrapiniec for awesome die-cuts in many, various languages she created for my students.

+     +     +

If you are new to LETTERPRESS and you would like to know the technique and all the supplies better, get to know ‚how to’, enroll in the Letterpress Bundle and you’ll receive access to Letterpress 2.0 (I will write about this class below) AND our introductory Letterpress class with Tina Aszmus from September 2013. The introductory class includes 8 full tutorials, 6 videos and 30 great projects to get you started & is available only through the bundle purchase.


If you are already introduce to the letterpress you would be interested in new LETTERPRESS 2.0 classes prepared by Geralyn Sy! This workshop will give you an in depth look at how Geralyn incorporates Letterpress into her creative process, and show you five fun techniques for printing with Studio Calico letterpress plates for your layouts, cards and pocket pages. Letterpress 2.0 is enrolling now through May 31st at 11:59pm EST, and the all of the class content will be live on June 1st.


Say ‚hello’ to April :: mini album

Today I want to share with you my latest mini album which was prepared for my mixed-media classes in Barcelona (Conesa). Tomorrow I will be teaching the same project in Prague – I can’t wait to meet with my Czech friends! It will be my first workshop in this beautiful country and everything is organized my Anna Norman from Paper Amo 🙂

Anna-Maria mini book

I think that it’s a good time to show you this mini book. I created it using fabulous materials from my great sponsores: Studio Tekturek, October Afternoon and my beloved – Studio Calico. I used this amazing, BRAND NEW line designed by Studio Tekturek for this project and my girls are FIRST in the whole world who get these papers! How cool is that?!

One Way Ticket

In this project I mixed various kinds of letterpress techniques and different watercolour media like mists, sprinklers, custom watercolour, Neocolor Crayons (woodless watercolour crayons) and colour inks. This mini is made in typical workshop ‚style’ – but I hope that you will like it anyway 🙂 These are the pages:









I was so happy during classes in Barcelona when my fabulous students were creating their albums! It’s one of the best things in this job – watching like ‚my girls’ are growing! 🙂 Love it. Anyway – this is not the end of this post.

+     +     +

I prepared a small giveaway for my new Pinterest and Instagram followers and for all of my hitherto followers as well. I have TWO ‚TODAY’ letterpress plates designed by Studio Calico!!! YAY!

TODAY giveaway


All you have to do is to start follow me on Pinterest and on Istagram – I will choose one of you from the group of the people who will start follow me during the weekend. You have time till the end of Monday, ok? 🙂 Than I will be back from Prague and I will choose one of you. If you would be so kind and publish the giveaway banner at your Instagram (with @annamariawolniak ) I would be grateful – but it’s not necessary.


I would like to ask you to publish the giveaway banner (above) and tag me at this post (@annamariawolniak). Thank you so much for your instant support and your lovely comments! The second ‚TODAY’ letterpress plate will go to one of you 🙂 The deadline is the same – till the edn of Monday (7/04/14).

+     +     +

I hope you will enjoy this giveaway as much as I will! I wish you an amazing weekend. Please keep your fingers crossed for my safety travel to Prague and for the successe during classes! I know that it will be fun and full of creativity!

Mixed Media class yellow!

Oh – by the way… We already start with Celine our Mixed Media classes at Studio Calico, but you still can sign up! You have almost a whole month (to the end of April) to enroll. I think it’s a good idea if you can’t meet with us in person during classes in various cities of Europe… so, think about it, we are waiting for you there!!!


Scrapbooking by heart :: sneaks and instructions!

Hi everybody! It’s almost two weeks till our crop and I can’t wait to spend this time with you! I have a few words about my classes which I would like you to read before you attend the workshop.

scrapbooking & co with Prisca kopia
What you can expect :: during classes we will be able to create a mini album (15x11cm) using various techniques. I know that a lot of people already took part in my classes where I was teaching my watercolour technique, but I also realize that there are still a lot of those who want to learn how to create watercolour clouds, so… I will share with you this technique once again. I am going to introduce you to the letterpress technique as well. We will make a few prints using letterpress oil-base inks and one ‚blind print’ which will suit to your project. I will use  a little bit of handwritting techinique in my album and I would like to ask you if you could give a chance to this handwritting journaling. It won’t be a typical brush scripted becasue we will be using a black marker (if you have any black markers or precisions pens in your drawer please take them!). At the end I hope that we will have enough time to sew all of the album pages together – I will bring the threads but please don’t forget to take the needles! This is very important as well.

album sneak1

I prepared spring palette of colours because I’m sure that most of us are dreaming about this season now… so I will bring you sunshine in your kits! In my project I focused on a magenta shade of pink – but you can choose which colour you will use (pink, orange, yellow, gray…). Please be prepared and bring watercolours, mists, woodless Neocolor crayons or other watercolours media in these colours. Don’t forget about brushes – you will nedd one or two small smooth brushes and one small hard brush – for the splashes. If you have a pencil at home it would be also good if you could bring it with you.

album sneak2
In your kits you will find patterned papers from the latest collection of new Polish mark ‚Studio Tekturek‚, few white cardstock which I used as a base of my project, exclusive chipboards in French language prepared especially for you by, two piece of cardboard for the front and back of the cover, exclusive brad with adorable fox created specially for this class by ‚Studio Tekturek’ and Studio Calico cardboard arrows. I will bring some ecolines, threads and washi tape for shared use and of course – letterpress bundle. I will have few Studio Calico letterpress plates and dies and of course letterpress inks. There will be also some other details in your kits as well 🙂

What you will need: gesso, scissors, craft knifes, needles, pencil, brushes, watercolour media in pink/orange/yelllow/grey shades, double sided adhesive tape, glue, balck marker. If you have any of your favourite stamps – bring them! I’m sure we can use them somewhere! If you take stamps please don;t forget about stamps pads – black or gray should be enough, but you can take more colour if you want.

And of course – photos. I used only black and white photos in my album and I think that it will be the best solution for us if you also organize b/w photos for the class. I use typical size 10x7cm, 15x10cm… sometimes I cut them a little bit… I also print some very little onces and put them in a row 10×3,7 cm – but it’s not need, I just want to to let you know that there is such possibility 🙂


OK, that’s it. I hope I didn’t forget about nothing important. See you at the begining of February in Maisons-Alfort!!!


Pure JOY :: mini album

Yesterday during my ‚pinning’ session I accidentally came across at this AMAZING cover… It was an impuls…

album inspiration from that to this

I created almost simmilar cover and it was a begining for the whole album 🙂 The title is ‚JOY‚ – because it is all about joy and about great fun which I had yesterday evening when I was created this mini book. I invite you for the jouney with magenta shade of pink and some neutrals :*

album JOY 00

album JOY 01

album JOY 02

album JOY 03

album JOY 04

album JOY 5

album JOY 06

album JOY 07

As you probably noticed I used Studio Calico supplies from the latest Printshopcollection and a lot of other things (mailny stamps) from Studio Calico kits which I collected during last year.
If you are interested in the details of this album please move to my SC gallery >>> HERE.


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