‚Front Row’ :: Studio Calico PL kit!

front_row_headerToday we have a ‚Front Row’ Project Life kit!  This was my first PL kit ever and I am super excited about this! I use almost all of my PL cards to make layers on my pages… and I combine a mini. Let’s start from the beginining.


This is a February’s ‚Front Row’ PL kit… OK, I’m speechless 🙂 I don;t know where to start! Do you see those cards?! this wooden one with ‚&’?! and this one with this AMAZING ‚to the moon & back’ print?!!! I was so inspired by these tiny things! And these are my creations inspired by these cards and details:

to the moon & back SC

I think this is one of my favourites layouts this month. I took the photo of my sweet child from the early morning houres – as you probably know our children are most lovely when they are sleepy or just after they wake up, so… I thought that this amazingly sweet Project Life card from the PL kit will be perfect for this layout.  I cut some pieces of different blue papers and combined them like a collage. I added a little bit of gesso here and there and some watercolours in blue/yellow palette.  I also add this month’s printables – I adore them – as always 🙂  You can find here some pencil doodlings and stamping. I used the PL stamp set from the PL kit.



This page is something extraordinary for me because usually I don’t use brown and beige – I really don;t like much these colours. But this time I was so inspired by these amazing PL cards from Project Life kit. I couldn’t resist myself!

beautiful morning SC I found these twins photos and composed a basic composition build on a square. And here – I stucked. I had no idea what to do next and finally I decided to use my favourite motive – triangle – and duplicate it in several sizes. The composition of all these triangles is like a whole piece of patterned paper – this was my second option (but I use this trick in my previous layout so this time I decided to spent more time to create this part of composition). I cut some triangles in my baze and covered them with different patterned papers from the add-ons. In the end of my work I added some wood veneer embellishments: arrows and lovely star. Of course I didn’t forget about doodles and splashes.

morning 3


This is so ‚me’! 🙂 I love to work with my everyday photos. The meaning fo this page is so simple. I had a bad day. Really BAD day. I was stressed and unhappy. When I saw these beautiful shades of mint and blue I though – I’m in ‚blue mood’ today, so this must be a sign! I have to make a blue/mint layout!

bad day SC

I used some PL cards from the PL kit, some printables , amazing stamps from the PL stamp set and little embellishments. The whole composition is simple – almost nothing. It was like a puzzles. I have nothing to add to this description. I didn’t think then, I just feel these colors.



What’s going on?! I made another ‚brown/beige’ layout?!! Is it still me?!! Well, yep. This is still I, Anna-Maria 🙂 I was so inspired by these amazing PL cards! Look at this awesome wooden ‚&’ card! How could I not use it somewhere?!

I just cut it a little bit (I will use the second part later, in the other project).  So this ‚&‚ card is the main inspiration for the whole page. And the rest is just the composition over the main detail… ok, and I love this photo – from the ZOO.



And for the desert… I made a really MINI album using Project Life cards from PL kit as a base. I had a few photos from my son’s last b-day (January 2o12) and I used them to make this little memorabilia. We have our b-day tradition – it will be the sixth year when the whole b-day eve we spent the night at blowing ballons. Last year – as you can observe on the photos – I create a kind of ballons curtain on his door.

00 b-day tradition
I took some PL cards and printables and fold them to this mini book. My son adore this full of colour album and keep it on his shelf 🙂 How do you like the idea of this PL mini?







It was a loooong post, but that you if you are steel here! 🙂 I still have a lot of pages to share. Have a good day everybody! :*


9 Komentarzy to “‚Front Row’ :: Studio Calico PL kit!”

  1. Fantastic Anna!!!! I love this cute mini and your LOs are amazing!!!! 🙂

  2. Anna//I really adore all your creation!Especially with using brown colors))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    they looks so natural and warm 🙂

  3. cuuuuudowne wszystkie prace!!!!!. Szkoda , że u nas nie są dostępne te zestawy buuuu chętnie bym się skusiła na kilka . Pozdrawiam

  4. o raju jakie nagromadzenie cudowności!
    pierwszy najlepsiejszy ♥
    a w ostatnim mrrrr alfabet!
    ide do galerii SC :]

  5. as always, your layouts are amazing and so beautiful!

  6. You create the most amazing things! I get so inspired by visiting your blog! Looking forward to the continuation! And so cute kids!

  7. De pures merveilles!!!!!!

  8. Niesamowity post! Po prostu nie mogę się napatrzeć na Twoje prace. No i jak zobaczyłam beżo-brązy to nie wierzyłam – cudnie! Ta z trójkątami jest moją ulubioną pracą. No i pomysł na album z kart PL – cud! Jesteś niesamowita!

  9. Awesome! I love especially the mini album ^^
    and Jas is soooooo cute!


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