december daily :: 1st to 5th



Hi everyone… I had some technical problems, but already has tackled them and now I can show you my december pages from 1st to 5th:



December the 1st


the photo from the 1st & the 2nd day


December the 3rd


December the 4th


December the 5th





17 Komentarzy to “december daily :: 1st to 5th”

  1. jaka Ania na zdjęciu z 4 grudnia!!!

  2. omg girl this is the most amazing album ever!! love love it so much! you are so talented! have a great day;) Diana

  3. It’s very very BEAUTIFUL!!! I like very mutch!

  4. you are my new scrappy hero!

  5. You are my inspiration!

  6. so beautiful, love the white everywhere 🙂

  7. I found your blog via pinterest. I nearly fell from the chair over the lovely, georgeous layout, and more prettier, your name! My daughters name is Anna-Alina Wolniak(and mine too, before i got married!). Maybe in your Country Wolniak is very often, but not here!
    I’m so excited, i can’t tell you why, so excited, that someone with a nearly similar name and being crafty is there in the big, big wolrld!
    Thank you for the fabulous inspirations on your blog!


  8. It’s so pretty, I love your style!

  9. whaou, so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!! j’adore et les photos sont superbes !!!

  10. so adorable !!! J’adore cette pureté qui met tant en valeur les photos …

  11. amazing !!!! love it so much !


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