‚Camelot’ treasures reveal right now…


King Arthur would be proud if he knew that he is patron of May’s Studio Calico ‚CAMELOT’ kits! This month we are moving into fairytale land of magical patterns and mixed media feeling areas. If you remember my SUBJECTIVE MOOD BOARD you will see how much I was inspired by this mozaic!


This is my main inspiration – ‚CAMELOT’ scrapbook main kit! Below you can find my two [Main Kit Only] pages;

I hope you will like them 🙂

pssst I love you

Above there are lots of mixed-media actions using gesso, gel medium, watercolours, neocolor crayons… all of them with tutorials full of details you can find at MIXED MEDIA classes at Studio Calico.

sneak peek

The good news is, that you can still sign in during the upcoming THREE days (till the end of April) and you will always be able to access the class material, even after the class has ended.

I had no idea how important you will be in my life

Another mixed media work – the power of colour. The main inspiration was mix of photos and this fabulous yellow paper which you can find in the scrapbook main kit, or you can buy an extra ‚More Patternred Paper’ kit to get more (BTW – this yellow paper has awesome B side with beautiful PINK) 🙂

+     +     +

Now my other pages – I mixed here some elements of ‚Camelot’ main kit with scrapbook add-ons:

  • Guinevere – I think that this is my favourite add-on this month. I love the colours inside and various embellishments which you can find inside.
  • Excalibur – very rich kit, full of feminine add-ons. Was composed by Maggie Holmes who created an amazing mini album using these things! If you are insterested in second part of MINI BOOK classes – you will need this kit, so… you have to rush 🙂



  • Merlin – the second embellishment add-on in the Studio Calico family. I have three favourite things inside it – an alphabet, inspiring stamp and awesome woodgrain tape!

+     +     +

And here are my add-on pgrojects 🙂


happiness is free

This is all I have for you today. Remember to check out Studio Calico shop becasue it’s full of new things which can be helpful – I have some favourites but I will share them with you later. Today I wish you a well spent Sunday and beautiful weather for the upcoming week 🙂



One Comment to “‚Camelot’ treasures reveal right now…”

  1. Hello my art hero, Anna! 🙂
    I just today received a card for online payment. (New card registration took longer than usual 😦 )
    And today I bought a MIXED MEDIA classes!
    It’s a pity that I can’t ask questions.(because the classes is end)
    But I’m very happy to join your course. I’m so excited! I will read, watch, and learn everything in my classroom!


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