a new home

Hi dear girls (and boys are also welcome here). I am at the seaside right now, but the weather is veeeery windy today so we returned to our room. It’s three o’clock in Poland and we were already three times by the sea, we had a lovely, looong walk, we ate a bowl of dill soup and thats all… 🙂 awesome vacation 🙂 I wish we will have a sun in this week…

OK, I am here to show you my SODAlicious layout made on ‚one, two, three, angle’ paper.

I use a few SODAlicious supplies, stamps, gesso, modelling paste and paint (ok, and Prima Marketing crystals).

the layout has a lot of layers, really – I know, they are almost invisible at the photo; well they are so subtle…

If you would like to see more works on ‚one, two, three angle’ you have to go on SODAlicious blog!

Wish me a good weather, please!!! I was waiting a whole year for this seaside week!!! I need more SUN!!! 🙂 kisses :***


7 Komentarzy to “a new home”

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for some sun!

    Gorgeous LO! ❤

  2. Serio, będziesz prowadziła warsztaty w Wawie ?
    To ja z cierpliwością czekam na info! 🙂

    A ten dzisiejszy scrap… Intrygujący, inny.
    Podoba mi się.

  3. Amazing! Love all the details and your mix of colors♥

  4. przepiękna praca 🙂

  5. no faktycznie bardzo ładne, ile Ci to zajeło?

  6. nieziemska praca!!


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