Sweet Valley Studio Calico reveal!

It’s reveal time!!! This time I grabbed a lot of stamps and Project Life cards in beautiful PL boxes design by Studio Calico! I ordered ‚Valley High’ Scrapbook Main Kit, ‚Vally High’ Project Life Main Kit, ‚Matthew’ scrapbook add-on1, ‚Jennifer’ scrapbook add-on2, ‚Molly’ scrapbook add-on3 and ‚You & Me’ Stamp Set PL add-on. You can also buy ‚Valley High’ Card Kit, ‚Corey’ card add-on and ‚Winona’ PL add-on.

Here are my projects for this month. Starting from my favourite: ‚My BIG adventure’

Big Adventure

I made this layout with my son and we are totally in love with such work together! I prepared a base and combined a simple composition with some rays and awesome transparent PL card from the Project Life Main Kit. You can also find a new great emebellishment – transparent, acrylic airplane (I love it!). When all main elements were sticked to the background my sweet Jaś start drawing these cute little airplanes and clouds above the main composition. Next we both added some cuted printable speechbubbles and other embellishments: buttons, sequins, washi tape and of course his favourites – stamps.

real life

This is truly adorable – I love this picture! When I received this month’s kits I was sure that I will use this photo on the layout. I use lovely backround and combine some layers in the centre of my project. You can find here some printables, stickers, buttons, brads, sequins and other embellishments. I adore these palette. Such colours make me smile everyday 🙂

there is

This is my Main Kit Only ‚Valley High’ layout combined only with a piece of papers and amazing corck letters from the Scrapbook kit. I covered this alphabet using gesso and construck a kind of texture in the background. A texture with a meaning, with a sentence: „There is something good in every day”. I also cuted a word ‚HELLO’ from the exclusive paper and some printables. The rest is just only a few watercolour and mist splashes and pencil doodles…

I like being alone

This is truth – I like being alone with myself, sometimes I think that I like it too much… but everybody have such moments when best companion is just a fresh air, blue sky and singing birds. I adore such moments amoung the nature. This is very feminine page, with a lot of pale, pastel colours and flowers. This fake palette helps me to keep the mood of my personality here. You won’t find a lot of elements here and difficult composition. Everything is simple and really not complicated – the same as these moments spent with nature.

you are not lost

I tried to be as much masculine as I can – that’s why I chose black & white palette with a pops of yellow neon (from mini Mister Huey’s mists). I created a lot of circle layers from stamps, cuted printables, stickers, SC labels, brads and splashes. I coloured white alphas in a ‚lost’ word using yellow neon mist and it looks gorgeous. I think that you can colour these letter with any colour you want! This is fantastic! I also stamped a margin using one of the ledger stamps from the Valley High kits.

If you would like to see my whole July gallery, check out all the details just >>> CLICK HERE <<< and move to my Studio Calico gallery.


I would like to remind you that this is the last moment when you can sign up for amazing INKED CLASSES! In my this month’s projects I used a lot of stamps from the INKED classes set, it’s one of my favourites!


Check out some NEW items in a Studio Calico Shop! I adore these brand new Project Life Cards designed by Taylor. Don’t forget about Moments Cards by Nicole Reaves (I love them and you can also find them in my July projects), Studio Calico Woodgrain 12×12, and my totally favourite Set of 6 PL Inner Boxes!!!


12 Komentarzy to “Sweet Valley Studio Calico reveal!”

  1. Des pages magnifiques. Bravo !

  2. I just love your style! Thanks for sharing your artwork! I love your son’s planes also- gave me some ideas for incorporating my kids art more on my pages.

  3. OMG, love all your layouts as always, but what I love most is that you put the tranparent PL card over your picture!!! Definitely will lift that idea! 🙂

  4. Wow, those layouts are awesome, very very pretty!! 😀

  5. Wszystkie przepiękne!!! ale pierwszy THE BEST 🙂 te samolociki są super, super, super i pasują idealnie, no i ostatni scrap cudo!!!

  6. Ze lan ederrak!!! biziki maite ditut! All your creations are gorgeous, so beautiful Anna-Maria!!! muxuak!

  7. Amazing style, I love your soft Colors! Your work with néon color are just gorgeous ;-))

  8. It’s just amazing! Woow

  9. Great layouts! They all have a different atmosphere but with your „touche inimitable”… 😉 ♥ :*

  10. Just wouaw wouaw wouaw !!!! Your work is so fantastic ! I love all your layouts ! I’m definitely fan of your style ❤

  11. I think I like being alone too much too! I love that layout. Im going to try and find the cross stitch pattern paper


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