winter field

Last week we went for a walk in a field near our cottage house in a forest. It was both sunny and frosty. I took some photos which seem to match perfectly our newest colour challenge on art-piaskownica blog.

To be honest, I didn’t really like this combo 🙂, so I decided to get inspired by Marcy Penner’s bright style, which was the best idea I could think of! After working on this layout I like these colours! Thus, with a clear conscience I encourage you to take part in the game of interpreting this set.

and some Color Conspiracy details from this page:



5 Komentarzy to “winter field”

  1. Te ostatnio scrapy z rodzinką Zu.. Boskie, Aniu!

  2. I have to try to make a combo color from my pictures 🙂
    Beautiful decay and layout 😉

  3. I think you do Marcy with great excellence!

  4. Love how the red pops on your LO !!


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