It’s almost December so officially it’s time to put the ‚Magical‚ line at your scrap desk! If you haven’t made that yet – here are some reasons why you should do that as soon as possible!

First of all – Studio Calico prepared amazing patterns and shades of colours for the upcoming winter time. I decided to move away from the traditional palette and I used more monochromatic shades of grey, black and white. Of course I wouldn’t be myself  if I hadn’t added a little touch of colour as well. These are my propostions what you can create with ‚Magical‚ collection.

tis the season xoxo

Neon yellow and emerald, vibrant green – yes please!

tis the 1

And the second project – this tiem with a touch of gold and tiny splashes of emeralnd green (I’m obsessed with this colour lately!).

snowy holidays

Oh! And don’t forget about the great offert! You can grab the first Studio Calico ‚Jubilee’ e-book with amazing kit included and free shipping! Order it right now! You still have chance to get it!


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