In a creative mood…

I was inspired by this outstanding FREE printable poster designed by Jasmine Jones. I printed it and my thought was to frame it and hang it somewhere in my workspace, but… accidentally one of my photos fell down on this print and then the idea came…

cozy sweaters

The poster itself already gave this amazing autumn feeling, my thing was to not to ruin this fabulous design. I grabbed few things from various Studio Calico scrapbook kits and fabulous gold splashes rub-ons and skinny tape designed by Ashley Goldberg for her upcoming classes Paint.Plan.Play. It was easy – collect few layers, add a quick note and fallish photo. Yes, I was truly inspired by this printable. I encourage you to try use this poster to create something yours! Try to stay true to your style and give this design a piece of yourself! Share it with us! Tag your project with #SCinspires on social media and win a prize!!!

cozy detail

Remember my latest post with Studio Calico blog hop and my giveaway? (BTW – you still can leave your comment below THIS POST and win the ‚Underground’ scrapbook kit here, on my blog!). You have enough time till the end of October to take part in this contest!


1. Download FREE printable (this autumn poster from my today’s layout).

2. Share a photo and tag it #scinspires. In your photo caption, explain why this is inspiring. It can be a photo of you and your free printable or anything else from Studio Calico that inspires you! Please make sure all shared posts are set to PUBLIC.

3. Tell your friends! The more uses of the hashtag #scinspires, the more prizes we will give away! Be sure to check back here on our blog every Friday to see how we’re doing!


And more happy news today! I already remind you about the October contest and now… there are NEW classes at Studio Calico – GRATITUDE|DOCUMENTED leading by Shanna Noel!


It’s easy to feel content during the holidays, but do you remember to be grateful all year long? In Gratitude Documented, Shanna Noel will guide you through a series of prompts, videos, and more so that recording the seasons of gratitude from your life will be easy and enjoyable. Reflect on and recognize the themes of family, love, and personal triumph that resonate with you. Let’s come together and remember that there is so much to be grateful for.


Grabbed these amazing supplies! There are lots of them in the SC shop, I will write about these from the picture above:

Gratitude|Documented is enrolling now through November 30th at 11:59pm EST. The first lesson will be posted on November 1st.


4 Komentarze to “In a creative mood…”

  1. I just always love how you subtle the beauty on your layouts… (bliss!! :D) C

  2. So love this! Very inspiring!

  3. Eres única, no dejarás de sorprenderme nunca! besos


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