Neverland – once again

I hate Mondays, but today it’s different! We have a lot of beautiful sun everywhere, and yesterday I had an amazing evening – I was at the outstanding show at the theatre – it was a Krystyna’s Janda’s monodrama. She is the greatest Polish actres, remarkable woman and just amazing actress. It was a fantastic evening, so… today’s morning is so good!


Well – I still have some didn’t publish layouts from the latest Studio Calico ‚Neverland’ kits and today I show you some of them.

crazy race

I think this is my last ‚winter’ layout this season. I really like this photo and I found some papers in the March kits which colours are perfect for this picture. So I had no choice – I made a winter layout once again (but when you look at my March gallery there are a lot of sunny pages as well!)

crazy race1

I was completely charmed by this ‚font’ paper! I chose so simple composition, added only black & white photos and cuted some cards from Project Life ‚Neverland’ kit. I think that this paper is so adorable that it would be a sin if I covered it! So you won’t find here more than a good French design, some stamps and stupid photos of two crazy Polish girsl 🙂


The main part of the composition here is this amazing yellow card from the Project Life kit (I love mix the kits). I decided to sick with this gray-yellow palette. I found all these embellishments and printables in the March kits and digital elements. Once again I used this adorable ‚moon’ stamp for the journaling and doodlings I used an Uni-Bal white pen. You will also find here some lovely rub-ons from the Min kit.

high five

This is my Main Kit Only for this month. I can’t remember when was the last time when I choose the dark base! But this amazing chevron mask in the main kit… I mean ?!!! 🙂 I use my favourite Mister Huey’s Opaque White mist and white Uni-Ball pen to create these misting and doodling things.
I decided to stick with a simple composition and concentrate on the contrast and the details. The dominant of this page is magenta pink from the photo.

Mommy said

mommy said2

mommy said

Have a lovely day!



10 Komentarzy to “Neverland – once again”

  1. J’adore tout!!!! magnifique cherie!!! 😉

  2. So beautiful! Particularly the third one!!

  3. So crazy beautiful!

  4. przepiękne 🙂 szczególnie ostatnie 🙂 po prostu perfekcyjne 🙂

  5. Your pages are so cool! I feel happy just looking at them:) cheers!

  6. Uwielbiam strasznie prace z tego kitu 🙂

  7. I love your style!! Stunning creations!! All of them!



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