When life bring you… embossing powder :)

It will be my first project where I used embossing technique. I was introduce to this topic many years ago and never tried. Why?! oh why I was waiting for so long to try?!! OK – this afternoon I decided to try to mix my favourite watercolour technique with the new one (new for me) – hot embossing. I prepared a step by step tutorial how I was working with these media. I had so much fun! Let’s start…


First of all I create a simple base of the project using new Studio Calico lines: ‚Lemon Lush‚ and ‚Wanderlust‚ (if you can’t find them in the shop, be sure to click a ‚notify me‚ button to be sure, that you will be inform when they will be in stock).


I collected some acrylic stamps which are coming from the older Studio Calico kits, clear embossing ink pad, white ZING embossing powder, Peerless Watercolour Papers , Ecolines and other ‚must have’ supplies.


I combined a half of the layout and the second part will be the topic of my today’s tutorial. I chose a few stamps in floral and flower shapes and created a simple composition with them – just next to the edge of the layered papers


I sticked them to the small acrylic block and than I stamped them using clear embossing ink (it was not very easy to find the shapes becasue they were really invisible).


Then I covered these invisible stamped shapes with a white embossing powder…


Next I took out the excess of the powder (I put it back to the jar)…


And I got such result (I hope it’s visible enough on the picture)…


I used a heat gun to make the marks pemanent and waterproof (yes, I know that all of you already know how to emboss, but there are some people like me who don;t know a lot about this technique) 🙂


I added more stamps, more leaves and flowers and repeated the pattern. It was the end of embossed part 🙂 I had a lot fun making this! and I’m sure I will use it once again and again in my other projects!


Now – the funny part – watercolouring! I was showing and writting step by step instructions about how to use watercolour many times – so this time I will leave these pictures without any comment. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below.


I used Peerless Wartercolours Transparent Papers and liquid inks – Ecolines. This time I mixed more colours than usually… You can find here green, blue, yellow, orange, pink… Yep, I made a kind of mess this time and I really love it! It’s so refreshing! 🙂


When paitnted part was completely dry I made some random floral stamps  using various colours of chalk inks – just to add a kind of dimmension to this part. And it was the end of my work. Super fun, not super easy, but I’m sure that everybody can try to do something simmilar.

sweet as s'mores

I hope you will find a while during the upcoming weekend to try this mixed-media technique. I hope you will enjoy playing with these fabulous things as much as I had.

sweet detail1

If you want to see more close-ups please move to my gallery at Studio Calico >>> HERE.

+     +     +

And my last news just before the end of this week. New supplies will appear in a few days in the Studio Calico shop. I’ve had an opportunity to work with some of them earlier… I prepared next step by step tutorial with these brand new

Lindsey Letter Letterpress Plate & Craft Die set :: Monogram Alpha

I won’t tell you now what it will be, but I just mention that you should be prepared for the shopping!!!

monogram detail

It’s just a sneak peek… don’t miss this up!

+     +     +

And now something for the whole season, great surprise from Studio Calico fo all mini-book lovers!!!


Little Books, BIG inspiration – times 4! Purchase the Mini Book Bundle for $32 – a 20% savings!

Purchasing the Mini Book Bundle enrolls you in all four of our 2014 Mini Workshops. A new mini workshop will be available each season from our expert line up of teachers – Nicole Reaves, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner and Céline Navarro. Each teacher will be showing you how to create a unique mini book through detailed PDFs and videos.

This bundle offer is available with early bird pricing from 1/24/2014 through 1/31/2014.


+     +     +

Have an amazing weekend everybody!!! We will meet at reveal night! yay! kisses :)))


16 Komentarzy to “When life bring you… embossing powder :)”

  1. Amazing! As always xx

  2. Thanks a lot for this tutorial!!! very inspire me!!! (perhaps for this week-end? 😉 )

  3. So beautiful!! Thank you fo the tutorial. I want to try^^

  4. This is awesome! I’m hunting down my florals stamps now! Ha

  5. Hello! Beautiful layout!! Just love it!!! I have one question, in the white paper you use as your backround, do you put gesso before applying the watercolour? Or is it watercolour paper? If it is square watercolour paper, where did you find it?

    • Hi Vivian. I used simple white cadstock from the SC ‚More White’ kit. You can use Amercian Crafts texture white cardstock as well. I didn’t use the gesso because embossing don’t work with gesso at all. About watercolour papers – I always buy them at the local art shops. They are always in ractangular shape (A3, A4). If you have such paper you just have to cut it, nothing more 🙂 I hope I help you a little bit.

  6. Utterly gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. this layout is amazing and stunning! LOVE IT! thanks for sharing your technique and the step by step instructions!

  8. Lovely work! sooo pretty!

  9. Świetna strona! 🙂

  10. Awesome tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing : )

  11. Niesamowicie soczysty 🙂 Super!

  12. Thanks for the turorial!!!! The result is wonderful and your LO is lovely!!!
    Chica guapa!!!

  13. Wonderful „resist technic” with your watercolor’s art… ♥

  14. I love how your layout finished, the technique is fabulous and the colours of the water paints is beautiful.


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